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Archbishop Desmond Tutu retires

Tutu to retire

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has officially announced his retirement from public life after many years of political activism and human rights work.

The decision comes as Mr Tutu celebrates his 79th birthday.
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A bookshop MLK would have been proud of


Books about Black culture by the dozen


New Beacon books is not your average bookshop.  It is situated a few doors down from my flat in Finsbury Park in the heart of cosmopolitan London.

Just passing by, looking in the window is enough to catch the eye of any activist concerned with Black empowerment and engagement.  The shop is quite literally littered with works of some of the most well known and prominent Black British, African, and European figures in history.
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Ngugi wa Thiong’o odds on to win Nobel Prize for Literature

Ngugi: Author and nobel prize nominee

A Kenyan author has been tipped to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, having steadily risen from being an outside bet to the bookies favourite.

Ngugi wa Thiong’o is a social commentator, activist and professor at the University of California. His  seminal linguistics and post colonial text Decolonising the Mind is the most well known work in his catalogue , but he has also written for childrens literature.

Renewed interest in an author whose life narrative is as interesting as his array of accomplishments is testament to the spirit and pluck of a man who became a rebel after a play that he authored caused such uproar that he was imprisoned without trial in 1977. Continue reading

Brazil’s election moves to second round of voting

Lula successor still to be elected

The first round of the Brazilian Presidential election has proved inconclusive, moving into a second round of voting.

It was widely thought before the weekend that Dilma Rousseff would have secured the badly needed 50% of the popular vote and with it the Presidency.   Rousseff is the preferred candidate of the outgoing President, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

However, the Workers’ Party candidate fell short securing 47% of the vote in part due to a late surge by Green Party candidate Marina Silva.  Social Democrat Jose Serra secured 33% of the popular vote. Continue reading

Wilders facing charges for inciting racial hatred

Nazi in the dock

Gert Wilders the controversial Dutch MP is set to face up to five charges of inciting racial hatred against Muslims.

If convicted he could be fined and face imprisonment.

Wilders, who is head of the far-right Dutch Freedom Party, is expected to lead his party in forming a coalition government with the Christian Democrats in order to form a majority government. Continue reading

Interview with the US President

Rolling Stone interview

Barack Obama is interviewed in this month’s Rolling Stone magazine.

Among the topics that are discussed the 44th President of the United States talks about the huge expectations that proved impossible to live up to upon his election, building cross party consensus to pass laws, and the momentum of the ‘Tea Party’ movement.

A candid Obama provides the reader with some interesting responses that are sure to provoke debate.

Doctor in the house

Altered images

A leading Egyptian newspaper has been criticised for doctoring a photograph that was taken before the latest round of Middle East peace talks which suggested that Egyptian Prime Minster Hosni Mubarak was the leading figure in the discussions.

The picture which was released in the newspaper Al-Ahram shows Hosni ahead of the group with the other leaders including the Palestinian, Israeli, Jordanian, and American Presidents trailing behind. Continue reading