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Jesse Jackson: racial profiling is not a hallmark of an enlightened society


Rev Jesse Jackson


Friend of OBV Reverend Jesse in an article in yesterday’s Guardian Comment is Free, spoke of the continued abuse of stop and search powers by Police, still overwhelmingly plaguing Black individuals and communities.

Jackson also said that Britain’s moral authority risked being damaged as a result. Continue reading


Asian man’s jaw broken in racially motivated attack in Rochdale

Police calling for 'good Samaritan' to come forward

Reports from a leading Manchester newspaper have confirmed that a 27 year old Asian man was repeatedly kicked in the face by a group of up to eight youths who hurled racist abuse at the victim while they attacked him breaking his jaw. The attack happened in broad daylight in Church Street Rochdale on Monday. Continue reading

Anti-Muslim remarks writer dishonoured

Peretz - condemned over anti-Muslim comments

A prominent American columnist and former university professor has drawn strong criticism ahead of plans to honour him – by naming a social studies chair after him at Harvard.

Martin Peretz who is a also a former professor from Harvard, and who is well known for his regular columns in The New Republic, wrote earlier this month that Muslims in the U.S. should not be entitled to constitutional guarantees of free speech. Continue reading

Holocaust denier causes outrage over plans for WW2 Nazi death camps visit

Irving - Holocaust denier

David Irving, who was jailed in Austria for denying the Holocaust, has caused outrage among Jewish and anti racist groups as a result of his plans to start a tour of World War II sites, including the former Treblinka death camp in Poland. Continue reading

Economic downturn and fears over immigration fuel racism in Sweden

Aakesson - accepting neo Nazi support

As with many other countries throughout Europe the trend of resurgent right wing extremism in the form of new fringe parties infecting the mainstream body politic, as in France, continues to reaffirm the historical fact that during times of economic decline Europe’s minorities suffer and racism rises. Continue reading

Curb racism against Scottish travelling community

McPhee - highlighting racism

Human rights organisation Amnesty International this week condemned the racism that the travelling community suffers on a daily basis throughout Scotland.

In an article published by the Herald, Scotland, Roma communities explain the discrimination they face. Continue reading

Everyday stories from post racial Britain

Britain in the 20th Century

Violent racism still plagues our communities. Will cuts to police budgets mean that investigations into racist attacks lose its priority as the police struggle to manage their budgets?

Violent racism in the UK is mistakenly thought to be a thing of the past. The reality is of course quite different and the effect of racism on its victims can leave them both degraded and severely distressed. Continue reading