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National Black Police Association


More than 150 National Black Police Association delegates will spend the next two days in Sheffield for their annual conference.

Representing the Equality and Human Rights Commission I was invited to give a short address in this morning’s session.

Before that I found time to talk to those BME men and women who still have extraordinary challenges that their white colleagues don’t face. For example, during my talk I asked how many of them had been stopped and searched by fellow officers? Shockingly about one third responded that they had. One young sergeant told me that whilst in London with his Black friends he withdrew cash from a High St cash dispenser, then after going to a shop next door two officers were waiting at the entrance. Continue reading


Archbishop Desmond Tutu retires

Tutu to retire

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has officially announced his retirement from public life after many years of political activism and human rights work.

The decision comes as Mr Tutu celebrates his 79th birthday.
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A bookshop MLK would have been proud of


Books about Black culture by the dozen


New Beacon books is not your average bookshop.  It is situated a few doors down from my flat in Finsbury Park in the heart of cosmopolitan London.

Just passing by, looking in the window is enough to catch the eye of any activist concerned with Black empowerment and engagement.  The shop is quite literally littered with works of some of the most well known and prominent Black British, African, and European figures in history.
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Home Secretary bans EDL march


The fascist English Defence League’s (EDL) proposed march that was due to take place in Leicester has been banned by Home secretary, Theresa May.

The march was due to take place on Saturday.

A planned march in Bradford last August was also halted by the Home Office in a clear signal that while the government respects the right for individuals and groups to protest peacefully racial hate mongering and violence will not be tolerated.

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Wilders facing charges for inciting racial hatred

Nazi in the dock

Gert Wilders the controversial Dutch MP is set to face up to five charges of inciting racial hatred against Muslims.

If convicted he could be fined and face imprisonment.

Wilders, who is head of the far-right Dutch Freedom Party, is expected to lead his party in forming a coalition government with the Christian Democrats in order to form a majority government. Continue reading

Prospect, Goodhart and race

Editor David Goodhart

About six years ago, editor of Prospect magazine David Goodhart was given unprecedented column inches in the Guardian to talk about race in Britain. Although he was pilored from people such as Trevor Phillips, Gary Younge and myself for his thinly disguised racist views he did resonate to an extent  within political thinking of that time.  Goodhart himself, however, felt chastened by being vigorously challenged and, I would argue being exposed for what he was really trying to do: put the brakes on Government tackling race inequality.
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Race haters eventually turn on each other

BNP attempt to oust Griffin

It’s not too surprising that the BNP are imploding. After all, when you set up an organisation based on hate, when things don’t go the way you’d like: in the BNP’s case not fooling enough people to believe their race hate lies, they turn on themselves.

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