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Archbishop Desmond Tutu retires

Tutu to retire

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has officially announced his retirement from public life after many years of political activism and human rights work.

The decision comes as Mr Tutu celebrates his 79th birthday.
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Bernie Grant centre

The Bernie Grant centre in Tottenham is to get a makeover according to a report in the Voice today.

Much of the grounds surrounding the central building will be furnished with outdoors facilities including an open air theatre and cultural arts fair space.

The centre is named after Bernie Grant, the fearless maverick Black MP, who represented Tottenham in Parliament from 1987-2000.  He became a living icon of Black British History by becoming one of the first Black MPs in the UK Parliament .   Continue reading

Black History Month

Guardian journalist Afiya Hirsch today published an article on the Guardian’s Comment is Free page.

In it she articulates the importance and relevance of celebrating Black history.

She also puts to bed the often widely held views of so-called Liberals who tow the ‘What about white history?’ line.

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Holocaust denier causes outrage over plans for WW2 Nazi death camps visit

Irving - Holocaust denier

David Irving, who was jailed in Austria for denying the Holocaust, has caused outrage among Jewish and anti racist groups as a result of his plans to start a tour of World War II sites, including the former Treblinka death camp in Poland. Continue reading

Obituary: Frank Crichlow, founder of Mangrove Community Association

Mangrove Community Association

Frank Crichlow, born in Trinidad, founder of the Mangrove Community Association Notting Hill, West London, once the godfather of black radicalism throughout the 70’s and 80’s has passed away after a long struggle against prostate cancer.
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Churchill: Racial hatred caused Indian deaths

Winston Churchill

According to a new book that has been published former PM Winston Churchill who led Britain to victory in WW2, caused the death of countless Indians who starved during the Bengal Famine following Japan’s occupation of India from 1943.

Madhusree Mukerjee’s new book ‘Churchill’s Secret War’ charges and argues that Churchill’s actions led to the suffering of those who died, due to rice and other essentials being earmarked for the British soldiers at a time when shortages were reaching critical levels in the country. Continue reading

Six drowned spark black swimming debate

Photo credit: AP

Drowning - grief in local community

Six African-American teenagers drowned in a single tragic incident in the United States Louisiana last month.

The tragedy has prompted many questions about the widely held perception about why many Black people have not learned to swim. The BBC recently explored this subject. Continue reading