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A bookshop MLK would have been proud of


Books about Black culture by the dozen


New Beacon books is not your average bookshop.  It is situated a few doors down from my flat in Finsbury Park in the heart of cosmopolitan London.

Just passing by, looking in the window is enough to catch the eye of any activist concerned with Black empowerment and engagement.  The shop is quite literally littered with works of some of the most well known and prominent Black British, African, and European figures in history.
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The rise of the Inequality Deniers

Munira: London's culture advisor

Sadly, there is never a shortage of African, Caribbean and Asians who will deny even what their political party bosses know to be the truth: persistent structural inequalities on the grounds of race in all areas at all levels of society. This is what the coalition Government leaders said at an OBV event:

‘We must tackle the deep and structural inequalities that all too often hold Black people back, especially the young… We know something is extremely wrong when the colour of your skin dictates how likely you are to succeed at school, starting a business, employment, or ending up in prison.’ David Cameron’s at an OBV event-April 2010

‘I want change…If you’re from an ethnic minority you’re still likely to be out of work, on low pay, and hassled by the police even though you’ve done nothing wrong.’ Nick Clegg’s at the same OBV event-April 2010 Continue reading

Labour debacle: Luftar Rahman dropped as candidate

Mr Rahman to challenge Labour HQ

OBV can exclusively reveal that the Labour NEC has today overturned the decision by the Tower Hamlets Labour Party to choose Luftar Rahman as their official candidate.

This is the fourth time that the wishes of local members have  been rejected by part HQ.

Only last week Mr Rahman launched his campaign with over 1000 people in attendance, and with endorsements from party figures including Ken Livingstone, Jim Fitzpatrick, Keith Vaz and Baroness Uddin.

More news to follow…

Deptford headteacher deserves praise not outrage

Photograph: Jeff Moore

Mark Elms - well paid, well deserved

National outrage has been provoked about the pay packet of a Primary school head teacher, Mark Elms from Deptford, South London.

Surprisingly the biggest cry of disdain has been from a union, whose role is to protect its member’s wages and improve their working lives. Continue reading

Tim Campbell to take up new role at GLA

Tim Campbell

Former Apprentice winner Tim Campbell has been appointed to the GLA in a role that will see him working alongside Boris Johnson to provide more training opportunities, and apprenticeships to Londoners.

Campbell, who was the winner of the first season of ‘The Apprentice’, will be taking up a voluntary role as the Mayor’s Ambassador for Training and Enterprise. Continue reading

Oh no, not another Labour stitch up!

another mayoral race-another fix up?

The Labour party in general, and particularly London seems to have scant regard for its BME members

Although BME members were  promised 25% of safe Westminster seats before the election, OBV can exclusively reveal  that of the last 30 safe Labour seats BME candidates received one –Valerie Vaz, sister of Keith Vaz . BME candidates were squeezed out by big Union candidates or the favoured son’s and daughters of Gordon Brown and Peter Mandleson. Continue reading

King describes battles ahead

Oona has two battles to become London's mayor

An article in yesterday’s Independent describes the battle Oona King faces as she seeks to beat Ken Livingstone to the Labour Party Mayoral nomination.  If she does so she will have another battle on her hands to topple Boris Johnson-the only politician to receive a million votes in a single election as he did so in 2008 when he beat Mr Livingstone. Continue reading