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It’s finally done.

OBV’s new website integrates our blog with all other areas of OBV’s work in one site. It’s still a working progress but we hope you like it.

All our essential stuff is still there including the ‘Guide to democracy’ and ‘How to register to vote’. ‘Our communities’ includes a listing of BME politicians, and profiles of those dynamic individuals within our community. We will update with a comprehensive Community Links page. So send us information about your organisation and we will link that too.

OBV's new site: obv.org.uk

As you’ll see we have a video section in which we interview politicians and other key individuals about issues that are important to you.

Our projects and activities section will remain centre stage as will our blog and news stories. Literally thousands of you are reading the blogs on a weekly basis. Furthermore, many more are now interacting with us on the blog. Which is great because it is your platform, a special space for us to talk to each other, honestly, frankly and supportively.

If you feel that you have an article, news story or community event that you want to share please let us know. With your help our communities will be stronger than ever, tackling inequalities, promoting brilliance and being proud of who we are.

Enjoy OBV’s ‘The home of Black politics’.

Simon Woolley
OBV Director

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