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Ed Miliband promotes Diane Abbott and other BME MPs

Miliband promotes BME politicians

In an extraordinary move that both stamps his authority within the party  and circumvents Labour party MP’s resistance for greater representation, the  new Labour leader Ed Miliband promotes former Labour leader contender Diane Abbott to a significant position within his shadow ministerial team, whilst also promoting an unprecedented number of new BME MP’s to the shadow ministerial team. Continue reading


Diane Abbott: public health warning

After great pressure from within the Labour party and pressure from grassroots activists Diane Abbott has been given a position as Public Health spokeperson within one of the 22 shadow cabinet.

In June 1987, Diane Abbott made history by becoming the first black women ever elected to the British Parliament for the constituency of Hackney North and Stoke Newington.
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Passed over

African, Caribbean and Asian communities will look at senior levels of British politics and ask why our talent is  being ignored?  Why is our expertise constantly being passed over whenever senior positions become available?

Last night, the Labour Party’s MPs voted for 19 shadow ministerial roles. Only Sadiq Khan MP, Ed Miliband’s campaign manager made the cut.  Former Minister David Lammy was not selected. Leadership contender Diane Abbott was also excluded although all the other contenders excluding the self exiled David Miliband were selected. Continue reading

Liberal Youth amendments ripped the heart out of the diversity motion

Davina Kirwan

The Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrats’ (EMLD) motion containing positive action measures to practically address the diversity of Lib Dem elected representatives was ripped to not much more than a review by amendments, mostly from Liberal Youth, with the requirement to have at least one BME candidate on shortlists where a Lib Dem MP has resigned, or within a by-election, being lost. Davina Kirwan writes about her thoughts on the grassroots LibDem Voice website. Continue reading

Labour debacle: Rahman runs as independent

Rahman runs as independent

Earlier this week we were the first to report that Labour Party HQ had overturned the official result of the Tower Hamlets Mayoral selection won by Luftar Rahman.

The newly installed Labour candidate Helal Abbas, the current leader of Tower Hamlets Council came third in the original ballot.  What the second place Labour candidate John Biggs, who should have rightly claimed the place of the recently deposed Rahman, makes of this one can only guess.
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Colourblind ‘purists’ derail equality

Lib Dems fail equality test

by Councillor Lester Holloway

It’s been four years since the Liberal Democrats last had to wrestle with the problem of diversity, when a motion that only called for more resources was defeated by the colourblind ‘purists’ in the party.

Yesterday, at the annual conference in Liverpool, the Lib Dems once again debated the issue. Once again, traditional Liberal principles about equality triumphed over the reality that something practical needed to be done to solve the problem that my party does not have a single black or Asian MP, MEP or Assembly Member.  In fact we haven’t elected an MP of colour at a general election since 1892. Continue reading

African Caribbean political literacy campaign for Leicester

Orlanzo George Cole, co-founder of The Clarion Voice

A Leicester group has formed a coalition to politicise locals and get better representation within their Council.

The new organisation ‘The Clarion Voice’ founded in 2009 will celebrate its official launch at Leicester Town Hall next week. Continue reading