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The Apprentice: in defence of Joanna Riley


Joanna Riley


I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve been called aggressive during a discussion or a debate. But it’s a lot, an awful lot.

The Oxford dictionary meaning of the aggressive is, ‘ready to attack or confront’. It denotes that those subject to it might fear for their physical safety. Furthermore, it unequivocally implies that you are utterly unreasonable. As a result, not only can your arguments be thoroughly dismissed, but your character badly stained. Continue reading


Interview with the US President

Rolling Stone interview

Barack Obama is interviewed in this month’s Rolling Stone magazine.

Among the topics that are discussed the 44th President of the United States talks about the huge expectations that proved impossible to live up to upon his election, building cross party consensus to pass laws, and the momentum of the ‘Tea Party’ movement.

A candid Obama provides the reader with some interesting responses that are sure to provoke debate.

Black History Month

Guardian journalist Afiya Hirsch today published an article on the Guardian’s Comment is Free page.

In it she articulates the importance and relevance of celebrating Black history.

She also puts to bed the often widely held views of so-called Liberals who tow the ‘What about white history?’ line.

Continue reading

Move on Up at the Radio Festival

Increasing diversity in Radio

It is not only in the political arena that OBV seeks to address the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) derficit. BME representation in the media is also still at woefully low numbers, especially when you reach the higher echelons of the industry.

An illustration of this is last month’s Guardian Media Power list where only five BME movers and shakers made the Top 100, and all disappointingly in the bottom half. Continue reading

Afua Hirsch – A star is born

Hirsch - head of Guardian Law

Media star Afua Hirsch was applauded by Guardian editor, Alan Rusbridger at the launch of new website – Guardian Law.

Rusbridger paid respects to Hirsch’s talent saying that she came to the Guardian as an inexperienced journalist having qualified at the Bar but has beaten an enviable path to becoming a star Guardian writer and now head of the Guardian Law website. Continue reading

BBC Any Questions, anti Islam bias?

Any Questions, anti Islam?

As many know BBC Radio 4’s ‘Any Questions’ on a Saturday afternoon is a highly respected ‘Question Time’ style show for radio listeners, with political analysts taking questions from a studio audience.

The quietly formidable Eddie Mair was the chair but instead of the usual balanced debate – that both challenged and informed its listeners – Saturday’s programme felt like a full frontal attack on Islam under the guise of topical debate. Continue reading

Sadiq Khan on prime TV slot

Khan's first Question Time

Sadiq Khan, Member of Parliament for Tooting and Shadow Secretary of State for Transport will be appearing on BBC1 Question Time tonight, the prime political television programme.

Sadiq, a long time supporter and alumni of OBV, as well as a Liverpool football club fan (we won’t hold that against him) will be making his inaugural appearance tonight at 10.35 PM.

Good Luck Sadiq!