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Doctor in the house

Altered images

A leading Egyptian newspaper has been criticised for doctoring a photograph that was taken before the latest round of Middle East peace talks which suggested that Egyptian Prime Minster Hosni Mubarak was the leading figure in the discussions.

The picture which was released in the newspaper Al-Ahram shows Hosni ahead of the group with the other leaders including the Palestinian, Israeli, Jordanian, and American Presidents trailing behind.

The original photograph showed Barack Obama walking ahead of the group.

Read the full story here.


One Response

  1. It would be nice if the crisis could be solved instead of worrying about these kind of things. Silly Egyptian Newspaper for trying to promote Egyptian pride (pride being “the never failing vice of fools”) while distorting the facts. Not very accurate journalism.

    I do wish they’d hurry up with the peace process and sort this mess out. I don’t think that a year deadline is good enough. People are suffering now while the process has a ‘laid back’ appearance. This crisis should be treated as an emergency and dealt with. The committe is incredibly fortunate, for their own sake, given how long the hostilities have occurred, that this crisis hasn’t spiralled out of control. It is most unfortunate to see the people of gaza having developed a form of complacency and have been encouraged to accept, what is a wholly unacceptable situation, as a “daily inevitibility”. I’ve heard of some tragic cases that are not deserving of anybody.

    I don’t really understand what this has to do with OBV.

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