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It’s finally done.

OBV’s new website integrates our blog with all other areas of OBV’s work in one site. It’s still a working progress but we hope you like it.

All our essential stuff is still there including the ‘Guide to democracy’ and ‘How to register to vote’. ‘Our communities’ includes a listing of BME politicians, and profiles of those dynamic individuals within our community. Continue reading


Prospect, Goodhart and race

Editor David Goodhart

About six years ago, editor of Prospect magazine David Goodhart was given unprecedented column inches in the Guardian to talk about race in Britain. Although he was pilored from people such as Trevor Phillips, Gary Younge and myself for his thinly disguised racist views he did resonate to an extent  within political thinking of that time.  Goodhart himself, however, felt chastened by being vigorously challenged and, I would argue being exposed for what he was really trying to do: put the brakes on Government tackling race inequality.
Continue reading

Ed Miliband: New Labour Leader


Ed Miliband: Labour's new Leader

Congratulations to the New Labour leader Ed Miliband

This was an extraordinary victory given that his brother David Miliband was ahead throughout the Labour leadership campaign and throughout the count until the last round. But won he has and richly deserved.

Labour members have made their choice. They want the party to move closer to it’s working class roots, and make a clear distinction from the coalition parties. Continue reading

Liberal Democrats’ failure on diversity is just depressing

Woolley - disappointed by LibDems slow change

I’m depressed. There’s no other term for it. I’ve just sat through two hours of the Liberal Democrats’ diversity debate that sought to address the fact that they, as elected politicians at Westminister, the Greater London authority, the Welsh assembly, the Scottish parliament and the European parliament, are all white, with very few women, and none have disabilities. And yet they voted to do nothing. Continue reading

Labour debacle: Luftar Rahman dropped as candidate

Mr Rahman to challenge Labour HQ

OBV can exclusively reveal that the Labour NEC has today overturned the decision by the Tower Hamlets Labour Party to choose Luftar Rahman as their official candidate.

This is the fourth time that the wishes of local members have  been rejected by part HQ.

Only last week Mr Rahman launched his campaign with over 1000 people in attendance, and with endorsements from party figures including Ken Livingstone, Jim Fitzpatrick, Keith Vaz and Baroness Uddin.

More news to follow…

The tale of Luftar and Diane

Campaigning for change

This week sees the Labour Party faithful cast their vote for one of the five candidates in the Leadership election campaign.  At the beginning of the campaign in May and at the 25th hour we helped ensure Diane Abbott got the required 33 nominations, and was on the ballot. Continue reading

Prospective MPs told ‘seek to be the game but don’t get played’

Shadows: Stephen Bediako, Emma Macorison & Tue Hong Baker

“The media can be your worst enemy or your best friend but whatever you decide to do in your future political careers make sure to use the media to your own advantage. Don’t get played but seek to be the game.” OBV Director, Simon Woolley told OBV prospective parliamentarians. Continue reading