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Diane Abbott: public health warning

After great pressure from within the Labour party and pressure from grassroots activists Diane Abbott has been given a position as Public Health spokeperson within one of the 22 shadow cabinet.

In June 1987, Diane Abbott made history by becoming the first black women ever elected to the British Parliament for the constituency of Hackney North and Stoke Newington.
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Cartoon Corner-shadow cabinet

Passed over

African, Caribbean and Asian communities will look at senior levels of British politics and ask why our talent is  being ignored?  Why is our expertise constantly being passed over whenever senior positions become available?

Last night, the Labour Party’s MPs voted for 19 shadow ministerial roles. Only Sadiq Khan MP, Ed Miliband’s campaign manager made the cut.  Former Minister David Lammy was not selected. Leadership contender Diane Abbott was also excluded although all the other contenders excluding the self exiled David Miliband were selected. Continue reading

Labour 19 announced

Labour shadow cabinet

Ed Miliband is expected to appoint either Yvette Cooper or Ed Balls as Shadow Chancellor.

Cooper with the most votes is in a strong position. Continue reading

Q&A with Ed Miliband

Encouraging political participation

In the second part of a question and answer session with new Labour leader Ed Miliband, Labour members and non members put their questions to Ed.

How the new Labour leader intends to improve youth provision, reinvigorate the Labour party, deal with the economy, and the environment some of the topics covered in the answers given to the questions posed. Continue reading

Cartoon Corner: Labour leadership

Abbott to stand for shadow cabinet

Abbott: Standing for shadow cabinet

Diane Abbott has announced that she will standing for the new shadow cabinet

Abbott changed the dynamics of debate within the leadership race being the only black politician and woman to stand, but she also brought a wealth of experience as a seasoned MP-she first entered Parliament in 1987 alongside Bernie Grant, Keith Vaz and Paul Boateng.  It was the Labour party black sections movement which proved to be a catalyst in the milestone of the 1987 election. Continue reading