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Nobel Peace Prize Winner: Liu Xiaobo

Political prisoner for 11 years

It’s probably apt that the recent glamour and prestige that has become associated with the Nobel Peace Prize will be lost on this years winner.

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo has been detained in his Beijing home since December 2008 devoid of any communication with the outside world. Continue reading


Labour 19 announced

Labour shadow cabinet

Ed Miliband is expected to appoint either Yvette Cooper or Ed Balls as Shadow Chancellor.

Cooper with the most votes is in a strong position. Continue reading

Cameron’s Conference Speech

Being PM is a full time campaign

Prime Minister Cameron today delivered his address to the Tory faithful marking the high point of the Conservative Party conference so far.

It was his first conference speech as Prime Minister.

The PM’s speech was an attempt to reinvigorate and galvanise party members, reassure the public about the forthcoming cuts, and hammer home the Big Society theme. Continue reading

Profile: Iain Duncan Smith

IDS: Comeback Kid

A video in yesterday’s Guardian told the story of the rise and fall…and rise of Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith.

The light-hearted film highlights different points in Duncan Smith’s career with a running commentary from a range of contributors.

From entering Parliament and serving in John Major’s government, to his decision to step down as party leader, the film is an alternative look at the career of one of the most recognisable faces in the Conservative Party.
Continue reading

Prime Minister’s conference speech

Cameron to apologise for cuts pains

The Prime Minister and leader of the Conservatives David Cameron is due to give his annual address to the party faithful in Birmingham this afternoon at 1430.

The speech will focus on the spending cuts and notions of fairness in light of the backlash in some quarters to the introduction of a universal benefits system and 1.5 million potentially losing out on child benefit.  Many of the party faithful as well as the wider general public are angry that none of this was trailed in the Conservative’s General election manifesto.

You can watch the Conservative Party Conference live here.

Web privacy should be down to manners says Damian Green

Immigration Minister Damian Green

Immigration Minister, Damian Green has said that the government should not interfere with people invading the privacy of others online.

“We, as a society, need to work out what the rules of the game are. It could be down to good manners,”

Ultimately he said, it was down to the individual to decide whether or not they chose to publish private information online, and that the role played by the state should be minimal. Continue reading

Tory and Lucas join forces on electoral reform

Caroline joins forces on electoral reform

An unlikely political marriage has seen Green MP Caroline Lucas and Tory MP Douglas Carswell team up to push for proportional representation to become a choice for voters at next May’s electoral reform referendum.

As it stands the only choice for voters other than the current first past the post system would be the Alternative Vote. Lucas and Carswell argue that proportional representation must be an option for voters too. Continue reading