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Campaign: British grandmother sentenced to US death

Linda Carty: insists that she's innocent

Linda Carty, a British grandmother, has been sentenced to death over the alleged murder of another woman in the US state of Texas nine years ago.

The BBC Newsnight programme recently featured an in depth exploration of the details of this exceptional case.

Carty a 51-year-old British grandmother is going to be executed by lethal injection within months. Continue reading


McCarthyism + unregulated press = Rampant Islamaphobia

Tabloid agenda made clear

A group of street cleaning employees are in the canteen chatting amongst each other.  One tells a joke about a plot to assassinate the pope.

Another colleague half hears the joke thinking it’s a conversation. They report the incident to the police.  What happened next was symptomatic of the USA McCarthy era, when you could be detained, and denounced as a enemy of the State if you had or were suspected to have any political leaning towards communism.  Continue reading

Demands for inquiry after new police restraint death

Olaseni Lewis

The family of a Kingston University student who died less than weeks ago at a psychiatric hospital in Beckenham has called for the IPCC to investigate the circumstances into his death.

Olaseni Lewis 23 from South Norwood, who was studying to receive a Masters degree in IT and business management at Kingston University, was accompanied to the hospital by his family after they became concerned he was “behaving strangely, alternating between calm and agitated phases”. Continue reading

Vigil for man who died in police custody

Sean: died in police custody

A family who’ve endured two years without answers as to why their relative Sean Rigg died in police custody are to hold a candlelight vigil in his memory at 5pm on Saturday August 21st outside Brixton police station, South London. Continue reading

Rally against Nation of Islam Mosque Raid by armed police

Police raid provokes outrage

A rally is to be organised outside Brixton Police station in protest at a raid of the Nation of Islam Mosque.

Lee Jasper, former Senior Director of Policing for London has condemned the alleged drugs raid on the Mosque in Brixton, South London. Continue reading

Institutionally racist police found not guilty say activists

Black Police Association

Activists and senior police figures have slammed the long awaited Race and Faith inquiry report into the promotion of Black and ethnic minority police officers within the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

The report intended to ‘carry out an inquiry into race and faith within the MPS in relation to employment and establish what is still required in order to achieve real cultural change and facilitate the development of a police service that promotes open dialogue on diversity issues’ has met with large scale rejection from Black communities. Continue reading

SUS laws return as Home Office scrap stop & search monitoring forms

Home Office: new stop & search

A section of the Stop and Search forms, introduced after the publication of the Stephen Lawrence report to monitor the rate of use of these powers by individual police officers, are controversially to be scrapped.

The Home Office has decided that police will no longer be required to complete a form for stop and account but will still be required to do so for stop and search. This has lead to real fears that this could be the prelude to the abolition of all ethnic monitoring of police power. Continue reading