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No, not again: Jimmy Mubenga deportation death

Victim: Jimmy Mubenga

After what Black Britain saw as the unlawful death of Jamaican woman, Joy Gardner, in 1993, at the hands of immigration officers who bound and gagged her in their bid to deport her, we thought we would never be here again.

And yet the as news leaks out from eye witness reports, we are again horrified to learn of the circumstances leading up to the death of Angolan asylum seeker Jimmy Mubenga, who died on a plane after being restrained by three private immigration officers. Continue reading


Asian man’s jaw broken in racially motivated attack in Rochdale

Police calling for 'good Samaritan' to come forward

Reports from a leading Manchester newspaper have confirmed that a 27 year old Asian man was repeatedly kicked in the face by a group of up to eight youths who hurled racist abuse at the victim while they attacked him breaking his jaw. The attack happened in broad daylight in Church Street Rochdale on Monday. Continue reading

New measures needed to tackle youth crime

Umunna: tackle youth crime

According to the Metropolitan Police the number of casualties from youth crime so far this year in the capital is still a major cause for concern:

This year in the capital has seen 15 teenage homicides, 1230 knife crime victims, and 145 gun crime victims (non-fatal). Continue reading

Everyday stories from post racial Britain

Britain in the 20th Century

Violent racism still plagues our communities. Will cuts to police budgets mean that investigations into racist attacks lose its priority as the police struggle to manage their budgets?

Violent racism in the UK is mistakenly thought to be a thing of the past. The reality is of course quite different and the effect of racism on its victims can leave them both degraded and severely distressed. Continue reading

Demands for inquiry after new police restraint death

Olaseni Lewis

The family of a Kingston University student who died less than weeks ago at a psychiatric hospital in Beckenham has called for the IPCC to investigate the circumstances into his death.

Olaseni Lewis 23 from South Norwood, who was studying to receive a Masters degree in IT and business management at Kingston University, was accompanied to the hospital by his family after they became concerned he was “behaving strangely, alternating between calm and agitated phases”. Continue reading

Churches challenge Channel 4 bias but condemn rogue pastors child abuse claims

Child abuse cover up?

Channel 4’s recent Dispatches programme, Britain’s Witch Children, picked an ugly scab from a deep wound: it highlighted the regular but hidden extent of the faith-based abuse of children within ‘rogue’ elements of African churches. Continue reading

‘Happy-slap’ teenagers jailed over pensioner’s death

Victim: Ekram Haque

These two boys bring great shame on their families and on wider society. As a society we must all take some responsibility for their deplorable actions.

To punch an elderly man, Ekram Haque, for no reason in front of his three year granddaughter Marian can only be described as despicable. Mr Haque, died from his injuries. Continue reading