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Passed over

African, Caribbean and Asian communities will look at senior levels of British politics and ask why our talent is  being ignored?  Why is our expertise constantly being passed over whenever senior positions become available?

Last night, the Labour Party’s MPs voted for 19 shadow ministerial roles. Only Sadiq Khan MP, Ed Miliband’s campaign manager made the cut.  Former Minister David Lammy was not selected. Leadership contender Diane Abbott was also excluded although all the other contenders excluding the self exiled David Miliband were selected. Continue reading


Sewell: Blame Black boys for underachievement

Sewell blames black boys

Educationalist Dr Tony Sewell has courted controversy once again by stating that institutional racism in education plays no part in the educational failure of African Caribbean children in UK schools. In 2008, the Department for Education reported that only 27 per cent of black boys achieve five or more A*-C GCSE grades. African-Caribbean boys are also the group most likely to be excluded from school.
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Nichole Black: Why I’m against Wyclef running for Haitian Presidency

The right choice for Haiti?

Wyclef for President & my mother for Secretary of State!

That’s about as serious as I am willing to take the grammy award winning artist’s attempt at governing Haiti. It seems up until a few months ago he would have second me as evidenced in his song “Wyclef for President”: ‘If I was president, I’d get elected on Friday, assassinated on Saturday, and buried on Sunday’. It seems however that he now feels that probability is weighing in his favour. Continue reading

Harry’s Place smear campaign – Update

Fighting racial injustice

As many of you know, OBV were the victims of a smear campaign by the website Harry’s Place (HP). Their suggestion was that we were either anti-Semite or we were somehow anti-Semite apologists, for highlighting and promoting a rally in protest against a heavily armed police raid on a mosque run by the Nation of Islam (NOI) UK. Continue reading

Social innovation, risk & change: OBV at Wilton Park

Ashok Viswanathan speaking at Wilton Park

Over three years ago I had the privilege of visiting Wilton Park, a conference centre supported by the UK Foreign Office.

A crown estate property surrounded by woodlands and greenery where over five days bright minds from the UK and abroad debated with one another and got to hear from leading thinkers, social commentators and activists about the pressing social and political issues of the day.
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OBV Statement – The right to defend Black communities

OBV Statement

We can only speculate as to why the ‘anti-fascist’ and ‘liberal’ blog site ‘Harry’s Place’, sought to smear Operation Black Vote for defending a section of the Black community against an armed police raid on their place of worship. Continue reading

Lee Jasper writes on population growth

Lee Jasper

Lee Jasper, former advisor to Ken Livingstone, today writes on his website an in depth piece about population growth and the necessary shifts on policy, and on the potential resulting positive impact on UK culture.