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Asian vote key to No10

According to a poll by the BBC Asian Network only four in every ten Asians are expected to go to the polls on May 6th.
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24 hours to register to vote

24 hours to Register to vote

Tomorrow is the last day to register to vote for 2010 elections! On May the 6th we will have an opportunity to elect the next UK national Government.
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Immigration is the key election issue. Will the parties resist playing the “race card”?

The leaders debate was anodyne and passed without any real incident or killer blow being landed. Nick Clegg emerged as the clear winner and the Lib Dems will be pleased this morning as he has begun to make a real impression.
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Faith room closure sparks roadside prayer

Outside prayer

Controversy is brewing after London University closed it Muslim prayer room after local youths attacked Muslims in what police are calling a racist attack last November.

The University has now opened a multi faith prayer room but a large section of Muslim students refuse to use the facility citing religious sensitivities. Continue reading

The Slumdog Games In Apartheid India

In this special piece for the OBV blog Gagan Dulai writes on India’s hosting of the Commonwealth Games. OBV invites you to join the discussion about this issue in the comments below the article.

In December 2006, the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the following ‘Dalits face a unique discrimination in (India) society that is fundamentally different from the problems of minority groups in general.

The only parallel to the practice of untouchability is apartheid’. By doing so he had became the first Indian prime minister to compare the treatment of lower-caste Indians with that of black South Africans under apartheid, although behind closed doors the two systems have been compared for decades. Considering that in 1986 32-nations boycotted the Commonwealth Games in apartheid South Africa. It was surprising that India was awarded the Commonwealth Games without any protests from any Commonwealth country.
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Pony Express trot out more anti-immigration stories

The Express: taking the lowest common denominator much lower

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