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Conservative Party Conference

Conservatives begin conference

The Tory Party Conference is underway in Birmingham and so far delegates have seen heard speeches from London mayor Boris Johnson and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

Prime Minister Cameron is yet to make his speech to the Conservative Party faithful.

The second day of the Conference has so far been dominated by discussion and debate over child benefit.  George Osborne is planning to cut child benefit for the highest earners.

People on 40-50% income tax will be affected, but it is estimated that the cuts will save £1billion.

Also among the key topics discussed this morning is the call from Mayor Boris Johnson for laws to be introduced to curb strike action from unions.

Today while the tube remains out of action for Londoners, Johnson used his speech and an article in the Daily Telegraph to call for Prime Minister Cameron to “consider a law insisting on a minimum 50% participation in a strike ballot.”

News from day one of the conference saw Communities Minister and former Conservative Party Chairman Eric Pickles vowed to introduce legislation that will allow referenda in twelve UK cities for the introduction of a Mayor with greater spending power.

Pickles stated:

“I believe elected mayors in cities will be embraced by the public if they have real powers. It’s time for home rule for our cities, from Birmingham to Bristol, from Newcastle to Liverpool.”

Richard Sudan

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  1. wrong tree. it’s a union jack now. the green agenda has slipped a bit, and they’re catching heat on immigration. if they scrapped trident i’d suspect they’d’ve used a ban the bomb tree.

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