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Police trust damaged among Muslim communities

Police in Birmingham under spotlight

A large number of CCTV’s set up in Birmingham have damaged the relationship between residents and the Police a report has claimed.

Residents from the Washwood Heath and Sparkbrook districts in Birmingham are outraged at 218 new CCTV cameras set up in the areas.

The project which has cost approximately £3.5 million to implement has focused on areas with large Muslim communities.

Thames Valley Police who have issued a report into the project have said that a lack of transparency between Police and residents over the project has “seriously undermined” Police trust. The report also argues any consultation with the public was now “Too little too late”

The 218 “spy cameras” set up by the Safer Birmingham Project caused outrage among some residents as they claimed they were not consulted about the project.

Steve Jolly one of the residents for the area protesting http://www.insidehousing.co.uk/analysis/in-depth/the-spy-in-the-sky/6511440.article against the move said “This thinking should have been challenged by strong ethical and strategic leadership right from the start and questions should have been asked about its proportionality, legitimacy, authority necessity, and the ethical values inherent in the proposed course of action.”

In July, police said “camera not in use” signs were being attached to the cameras until a full public consultation had been organised.

The force also pledged to dismantle more than 70 hidden cameras and halt any counter-terrorism involvement.

Whether or not the cameras will remain in the area or be removed permanently remains to be seen.

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