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New Statesmen interview: Baroness Warsi

Baroness Warsi interviewed

Never one to hide away from controversy, Baroness Warsi takes on the contentious issue around, ‘back home politics’ or as she puts it fraudulent voting, in Asian communities and how it is alleged to have cost the Conservatives 3 seats in the last election.

Here she is in conversation with political editor Mehdi Hasan.

What do you think, is she right, or should she be challenged?


2 Responses

  1. “The BBC has followed up on my interview and spoken to a Labour Party spokesman who said the claims were “unsubstantiated” and urged the Tory chairman to share any evidence she had with the authorities.”

    This was a New Labour rhetoric that was applied in the Employment Tribunals Service as they did their utmost best to undermine The Race Relations Act 1976; making sure that claims that came under that column failed.

    “What do you think, is she right, or should she be challenged?”

    Baroness Warsi is right. Boris Johnson, who shared a similar policy to New Labour on racial awareness, won the last mayoral election – after making it clear on television that he would not introduce a system that disadvantaged some people. Clearly, Boris wasn’t speaking for London as a whole.

    Lee Jasper – Racial Awareness Advisor to Ken Livingstone – is suspended from work pending some hearing into his conduct in office. Ken Livingstone clearly states that he will reinstate Lee Jasper once he clears his name of these wrongful allegations. Ken Livingstone loses and the case against Lee Jasper is dropped.

    There is clearly an odour there. I believe Baroness Warsi has a very good case reguarding fraudulent voting.

  2. I hope she reports it, and the offenders are brought to justice – it is an imprisonable offence.

    If not then she is guilty of libel against the Labour party.

    Please note that I hope it is the first of these two outcomes. I don’t think she would be naive enough to make such careless remarks.

    If she has been, and this story eventually goes away it might be worth considering that:
    a) the Baroness failed to report a crime (one that is a serious imprisonable offence); or
    b) she was exaggerating for spurious reasons; and
    c) she brought unnecessary claims against “the Asian community” for no good reason other than political mischief.

    Watch this space… At least 3 MPs or the Baroness are on thin ice.

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