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African Caribbean political literacy campaign for Leicester

Orlanzo George Cole, co-founder of The Clarion Voice

A Leicester group has formed a coalition to politicise locals and get better representation within their Council.

The new organisation ‘The Clarion Voice’ founded in 2009 will celebrate its official launch at Leicester Town Hall next week.

The Clarion Voice aims to mobilise the African/Caribbean community to get involved in local politics.

At present Leicester Council have 54 Councillors of whom 17 are Asian and none from the African/Caribbean community.

It is this absence of African-Caribbeans from local politics that The Clarion Voice aims to gap. They hope that their campaign will encourage individuals to seek to become councillors and also get involved in other areas of governance.

“Politics is just another language that can be learned if it’s taught in an appealing way” says Albey Law, Chair of The Clarion Voice.

“Many people are resigned to the idea that the democratic process is ‘this huge monster’ we’re not capable of defeating. That’s also why we have mostly failed to engage with politics in the current format”, Dr Nikoi, Executive Member, Clarion said.

“But if we are organised and work towards the same goal we can not only take part in the political process, we can also influence its outcome”, he added.

The idea to take an active part in local politics arose from heated political discussions when a handful of residents met at each other’s homes.

One of the founders of The Clarion Voice, Orlanzo George Cole, a member of OBV’s Parliamentary Shadowing Scheme, who is being mentored by Diane Abbott MP, said:

“Having joined the OBV scheme I’ve come to realise how much can be done locally if we become organised in the community.”

“I am really proud of this initiative, it’s long overdue”, he added.

The Clarion Voice predominantly seeks to represent people from the African and African-Caribbean community.

The organisation welcomes donations. Contact The Clarion Voice at: 01162899223

By Regina Nyametscher

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