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US pastors incendiary book burning call

Qur'an - under attack

In a country of more than 300 million citizens, it is incredible how one extremist with a following of no more than fifty people can not only make the national, and international headlines, but with his intended actions almost certainly cause a violent response, and possibly even deaths.

The Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, swiftly condemned the call by ‘gun toting’, Rev Terry Jones of Gainsville, Florida  to hold a book burning day on the Holy Qur’an on the anniversary of Sept 11th.

This is not the only incident in the US in which inciting racial and religious has quickly caught hold in the ‘land of freedom’.  We reported recently how another extremist paid eight thousand dollars to advertise inflammatory propaganda in regards to the building of a mosque that was proposed in the vicinity of ‘Ground Zero’.

One thing is for sure whether it’s Bradford, Kabul, Gainsville and New York, hate quickly breads hate, and the media just love it.

By Simon Woolley


4 Responses

  1. If I had to chose who I would rather live next door to – a Muslim family or Jones and his gang – it would not be Jones! Ignore his stupidity – he is not worth it.

  2. no-matter how stupid something might be, in America, people have the freedom to do something stupid.

    If he stole other people’s holy books, arrest that man, otherwise, it’s up to him what he wants to do with his books and whenever he wants to do it. Environmentalists should be outraged; burning wastes paper…

    Nobody should die because that would be stupid. I believe that, in a fair society, one should be able to say (not do) the worst things about another and, at the end of the day, all that should transpire is for the standing of such an individual, in the opinion of the victim and others, to be lowered. That is true tolerance.

  3. The freedom to be stupid. You’re not wrong Joshua. How ‘advanced’ they are eh?

    Divine retribution? Strong winds in Gainsville lead to the burning books setting fire to his church. Then when he claims on his insurance they fob him off with the line “Sir, it was an Act of God”.

  4. People might aswell have the freedom to act stupidly sometimes otherwise we’d have to arrest most of the population.

    I don’t think that the burning of a book should lead to the burning down of a church. I know it’s a joke but still…

    I don’t understand why people get so worked up over symbology. Surely there are more important things to worry about.

    Nobody has to worry anymore because the guy isn’t going ahead with it. Symbology ‘triumphs’ over stupidity.

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