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BNP faces bankruptcy as legal costs bleed them dry

Far right financial crisis

Searchlight the anti fascist campaigning magazine is reporting that the BNP is nearly £500k in debt as a result of the legal action taken by the Equality and Human Rights Commission challenging the BNP to amend its racially discriminatory membership constitution.

The BNP was forced to amend its constitution in February this year after a court ruling that it’s membership criteria was discriminatory. At a following hearing in March where the BNP presented an amended constitution the BNP the response from the Commission was to argue that the BNP had failed to effectively amend the constitution, the EHRC then initiated and filed contempt of court proceedings.

The Guardian reported:

“If the high court rules that the BNP is in breach of the March order and gives permission to the EHRC to issue the writ, then it will appoint four commissioners. Two to three of the commissioners will be “authorised and commanded” to take possession of the BNP’s assets. These assets will be kept in the hands of the commissioners until the BNP complies with the order to make its constitution free of racial discrimination.”

Searchlight writing on the current financial situation of the BNP writes;

“The BNP’s £500,000 of debts place the party in a serious financial situation. The widespread discontent among activists, coupled with the fact that it is much more difficult for the party to raise money outside an election campaign, means that the party has little prospect of becoming solvent.”

With a whole series of resignations and dispute among the leadership of the BNP coupled with their trouncing at the general election have left the fascist organisation in complete disarray.

Searchlight continues:

“The seriousness of the situation is clear from the tone of Griffin’s latest fundraising appeal letter, also sent on Wednesday. Admitting that the party is “cash struck”, which, in an attempt to exert the maximum pull on supporters’ purse strings, he blames on the legal action over the party’s racist constitution brought by the hated Equality and Human Rights Commission, Griffin implores: “if you don’t give, we can’t fight … and if we don’t fight we will be shut down and killed off.”

Lee Jasper a member of Unite Against Fascism said;

“The strategy vindicates the forceful action taken by the Commission and Commissioner Simon Woolley who personally drove the debate within the Commission about the necessity to pursue legal action against an organisation that had been given democratic legitimacy despite its racist membership policy.”

Dave Weaver of the 1990 Trust said:

“The legal challenge to the BNP has probably along with their massive electoral defeat throughout the country and East London dealt a decisive blow to the organisation.

That they sought to operate a membership constitution that was racist to the core whilst enjoying all the benefits accorded to a legally democratic party is an political anathema to the vast majority of British people. The Commission and in particular Simon Woolley should be congratulated. We may be witnessing the last days of this fascist collection of nonentities.”

On the 28th August the UAF have called a national moblisation in Bradford West Yorkshire to oppose a march by the BNP’s sister organisation the English Defence League. The EDL had promised earlier this year to march in all Briton’s multicultural cities of which Bradford is the first. A recent Guardian expose revealed the deeply racist and violent agenda of the EDL. The EDL last outing in Derby on Saturday 17th July saw them riot and attack local shops and business including a Hindu Temple.

Click here for more information on the Bradford event and coaches leaving from your local area.


One Response

  1. “Searchlight the anti fascist campaigning magazine is reporting that the BNP is nearly £500k in debt as a result of the legal action taken by the Equality and Human Rights Commission challenging the BNP to amend its racially discriminatory membership constitution.”

    The Equality and Human Rights Commission should be spending their time on more pressing issues. Continually being a nuissance to the Bnp is not going to solve racial problems in our day to day lives. They should spend some time with the Employment Tribunal Service which is currently carrying out New Labour’s brand of racism; which the Conservatives are not in a hurry to change.

    If the EHRC continue down this route, they will end up putting the Bnp out of business and there will be no facist groups for the likes of New Labour to hide behind in the future.

    For the benefit of all racist politicians, I will heed warning there.

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