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UN secretary general calls for the “World to stand with Pakistan”

Aid appeal: please give all you can

1,600 people dead, 6 million people effectively starving, 20 million people affected by the devastation, and a large chunk of Pakistan’s economy wiped out with an estimated $1 billion worth of damage to crops.

This is the situation Pakistan finds herself in following the disastrous flooding that has effectively immobilised the infrastructure of the country.

The weekend saw the first case of cholera confirmed, a disease which thrives on the kind of conditions that the flood disaster has left in its wake, with poor sanitation providing a fertile breeding ground for the deadly virus.

3.5 million Children are estimated to be at risk from contracting water-related diseases as the situation threatens to get much worse before it gets better.

Ban Ki-moon UN secretary general commenting on the scale of devastation in Pakistan said:

“In the past I have witnessed many natural disasters around the world, but nothing like this.”

And yet the front pages of all the red tops today are awash with other news.

Surely details of the Nadja Benaissa scandal , Obama’s holiday snaps in the Gulf, should not take priority over the coverage of this story.

The UN has called for the “World to stand with Pakistan” and for relief efforts to be hastened.

Let’s hope that reports on the situation in Pakistan taking a backseat is not a reflection of Governments’ priorities.

Details of where to send donations to the victims of the flooding can be found by clicking here.

By Richard Sudan

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