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Harry’s Place smear campaign – Update

Fighting racial injustice

As many of you know, OBV were the victims of a smear campaign by the website Harry’s Place (HP). Their suggestion was that we were either anti-Semite or we were somehow anti-Semite apologists, for highlighting and promoting a rally in protest against a heavily armed police raid on a mosque run by the Nation of Islam (NOI) UK.

We explained to HP that they might first want to look at their own in-house racist contributor before making accusations against OBV.

This opened a floodgate of denial and abuse on their blog site, a lot of which was racial, and particularly targeted towards Lee Jasper. This continued for a few days with other websites joining in, particularly ‘Socialist Unity’, who pointed out forcefully but objectively, that indeed one of HP’s contributors was a rabid racist.

In the end HP privately apologised for the ‘despicable racism’, that Lee Jasper and I had been subject to. And we welcomed that.

But the private apology was somewhat overshadowed by a public position in which Ed Standing – challenged me to address questions about NOI’s intent and policy both here and the US.

Given all that we had been subjected to it was clear that as far as Standing and his ilk are concerned you are either in support of the NOI and all that they stand for, or you are against them. Therefore we see no point in addressing their questions.

In the end, we have seen some decency over at HP, albeit fleetingly. More importantly however, what counts is your support. Your phone calls, emails and texts, telling us, as a Black organisation, that we were doing the right thing.

That means a great deal

Thank you.

Simon Woolley

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