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Blood Diamonds: The good, the bad and the ugly

Noami Campbell

Behind the spectacle that is the show-trial of former Liberian leader Charles Taylor in The Hague, on charges of genocide, is the hidden tragedy of African countries torn apart by brutal civil conflict for the continent’s mineral wealth.

These often brutal wars financed, in no small measure, by the West’s insatiable greed for Africa’s mineral resources such as: oil, rubber, gold, diamonds and columbite-tantalite, has literally been at the root of millions of African deaths.

And whilst the UK press gorge themselves on the ‘evil dictator’ – Charles Taylor – the ‘egotistical’ and ‘dumb’ model – Naomi Campbell – and perhaps the ‘slick’ defence lawyer – Courtenay Griffiths – many key figures who, in many ways, bank rolled and or profiteered in this and other conflicts will walk away unscathed.

Why, for example, do European and off-shore bankers who are able to hide ill-gotten gains – critical to the chain of murder and mayhem – never get brought to book?

Or those ‘respectable’ nation states that sold arms via a third or fourth party, well aware of where the weapons would end up, never get held to account?

This trail has all the glitz, glamour and bogeymen to satisfy our celebrity fix, whilst consolidating our world view of who the good the bad and the ugly are.
But scratch the surface of this tawdry spectacle and you’ll see more.  Much more.

One Response

  1. Great post! I couldn’t agree more. There is always one rule for some and another for others. International politics has long been a zero sum game and unfortunately that’s going to change any time soon. Shame.

    However, Naomi deserves to be ridiculed. She said to a judge at an international court ‘This is a big inconvienience for me’. I just wish that judge had told her where to get off. Why, oh why did the court acquiesce to her demands to not allow any photgraphy in court. They wouldn’t for that for you or I. A model should not be afforded extra privaledges that common people cannot get.

    Also, does anyone seriously believe that she did not know these were diamonds given the context in which she was given them, who she is, and who here aquaintences were that evening. She is either completely stupid, or a big liar.

    Just because Naomi is Black, let’s not forgive her of all moral and social responsibility. Persoanly, if she wants to make a stack of cash from selling her body to satisfy men and the men-controlled fashion industry which subjugates women through promoting images that undermines womens identity – then that is her free choice. She could stop any time she wanted to do so. She doesn’t stop because she likes her lifestyle – that’s her choice. As a man, its not my business to comment on her free choice to engage in such activities. But, let’s just remember, that she is a grown up. And she is certainly no role model. Would you want your daughter to be just like her? Of course not.


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