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Oh no, not another Labour stitch up!

another mayoral race-another fix up?

The Labour party in general, and particularly London seems to have scant regard for its BME members

Although BME members were  promised 25% of safe Westminster seats before the election, OBV can exclusively reveal  that of the last 30 safe Labour seats BME candidates received one –Valerie Vaz, sister of Keith Vaz . BME candidates were squeezed out by big Union candidates or the favoured son’s and daughters of Gordon Brown and Peter Mandleson.

Now it seems they are at it again. Labour have just announced the names of those selected  will stand win the  Labour nomination for the new post of  Tower Hamlets Mayor. They including the experienced John Biggs, and two Bangladeshi candidates-Shiria Khatun and Sirajul Islam-who have little senior party experience and/or come with the type of negative publicity which their opponents both internal and external would seize upon.

It seems to many in Tower Hamlets and beyond that individuals who could seriously challenge Biggs have been excluded including:

  • Rusna Murtuza – a professional Bangladeshi woman working with the NHS
  • Helal Abbas- current leader and current councillor
  • Lutfur Rahman- former leader and current councillor
  • Rabina Khan- current councillor and a PR consultant

Dora Dixon, Deputy leader of BAME Labour  stated, she had ‘Grave concerns about the procedure. First, it doesn’t look good that Len Duvall, the Labour Leader at the GLA is interviewing his deputy John Biggs.

Furthermore, if skewed selection stands and Biggs  wins in Tower Hamlets  we will have four white male Mayors presiding over four of the most ethnically diverse boroughs in the country: Hackney, Lewisham, Newham and now Tower Hamlets.’

What makes this incident even more shocking is the fact that the present Labour leader Harriet Harman, NEC member  Keith Vaz, and Labour leadership candidate, David Miliband were heaping praise on the newly elected BME councillors and BME voters for reversing the national trend during the General election campaign.

If Labour are to save face they must reopen the selection process and allow some of the strongest candidates to stand.


2 Responses

  1. If New Labour continue this racism, I hope they don’t win the next election and many others after that. Whoever gave these people the idea that racism pays is clearly misleading them. My worry is the amount of racism New Labour has brought back into society. They have to learn that despite all that, it did not win them the last election.

  2. Isn’t Streatham a safe seat?

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