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Race does not determine crime

Professor Garside must read piece

by Richard Sudan

An article by Professor Richard Garside in yesterday’s Guardian Comment is Free makes a simple point very clearly. It’s a point which needs reiterating especially when we see the damaging effect of what is at best conveyer belt ‘churnalism’, and at worst purposeful race mongering  seeking to tarnish and demonise  whole communities.

Professor Garside illustrates the effects of inferring that certain crimes are more likely to be committed by people of a certain ‘race’. He cites Rod Liddle’s now infamous comments last year on his right wing Spectator blog as an example.  While Liddle did not state outright that black people are criminals, it’s fair to say he gave his readers a gentle nudge towards that certain assumption.

The blog caused uproar, and Liddle apologised.

It’ s nothing new for journalists to cherry pick statistics, misrepresent arguments, and manipulate the figures.

These same journalists are apt at presenting criticisms of their ‘work’ as liberally naive, politically correct responses from people too afraid to face up to reality.

Over the weekend, the Daily Telegraph claimed “The majority of men held responsible by the police for gun crime, robberies and street crime are black”

The majority of paedophiles in the UK are white. What does this say about white people? Does it mean white people are genetically predisposed and more likely to become paedophiles than any other race? A better use of the Telegraph’s resources would be conducting some research into the factors that really do produce crime.Factors like class, economic conditions, unemployment and yes fear mongering in the media.

Garside’s article is critical and at a time when most articles about race and crime present black youth in a negative light, and  fail to widen the debate.

Read Garside’s article here.


3 Responses

  1. Deary me. cant say anything about black people even if it’s proven?
    yes white people seem to be more likely to be paedophiles, so what, at least that should narrow down suspects
    It’s always one sided isn’t it – even though females can be paedophiles there seems no let up in men being seen as the only danger group. Now we have the similar situation where if one group is implicated statistically then there’s a rush to come out and criticise white men too
    Just because black men are both victims and perpetrators of crime to a greater degree than white men doesn’t mean you have to balance the argument by inferring a slur on whites
    What’s the point – always in the rush to ‘protect’ an ethnic group the white man gets trashed
    When Diane Abbott says that Afrocarribean mothers would go to the end of the earth for their children does that mean that white mothers wouldn’t
    Just stop it

  2. Yes Ged, it is one sided. I am yet to see an original article (not a response piece) that links any type of crime to whiteness. If you can find one from a mainstream media source please post it as a response here.

    No one would argue that there are not statistical imbalances in terms of ethnicity for some crimes, but rather that only those perpetrated by people who are not white get the coverage and ‘linked to race’ (to paraphrase The Telegraph).

    The comment above is not a slur or a trashing of white people, it is rhetorical comment about this clear imbalance when the ethnicity of suspects is discussed. I think you know that though.

    Further, if the Telegraph had opted for Glasgow instead of London, the picture would be very different. So imagine the headline “Knife crime linked to race” and then a react quote from a white Glasgow politican stating “that the white community needed to face up to major challenges.” If you are a gambling man how long before you think we’ll see that article? I’ll wager a tenner on it being at least a decade.

    Saying anything if it is proven would be fine, if it were consistently applied. It isn’t though, and I think you know that too.

  3. @ Ged.

    “Deary me. cant say anything about black people even if it’s proven?”

    1) Please explain to me what you think has been ‘proven’ here?

    2) I did not make any slur toward white people. I simply said that if we adopt the same ‘rationale’ as the Telegraph and Rod Liddle we can make any brash statement about anyone.

    What I ASKED was the following: “Does it (Liddle and the Telegraph’s failure to present information in it’s entirity) mean white people are genetically predisposed and more likely to become paedophiles than any other race?”

    I was hoping by answering the question you may realise just how baseless and misleading the ‘argument’ of explaining crime with race is.

    Of course I am not “inferring a slur on whites” it’s obvious that neither black people nor white people are genetically pre-disposed to commit any type of crime on the basis of their skin colour. This would be utterly ridiculous.

    Since you’ve either not read what I’ve written, or have chosen to ignore what I’m saying, have drawn the wrong conclusion and have taken the example I’ve given highlighting the stupidity of using race to explain crime as a personal insult-“The white man gets trashed” I’ll just point out that my mother is white as is half of my family. This is not about ‘us and them Ged’. It’s about right and wrong.

    And you’ve defeated your own argument. No one would actually use the over representation of white people among the numbers of those who abuse children to infer that whites have some kind of racial obligation to pedophilia. It would be senseless. In fact you the example I gave which you took literally you described as a ‘trashing’

    But sadly you don’t see the very same reasoning adopted by the Telegraph as ‘trashing’ black people. You see it as the telegraph having ‘proven’ black people are more likely to be criminals.

    Let me break it down for you. Let’s take Streatham as an example. Generally it’s about 33% BME.

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