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Anti EDL March Sunday 20th June East London

UAF calls for supportUnite against Fascism (UAF) working in partnership with United East End are organising a demo for Sunday 20th June to counter an English Defence League demo taking place in Tower Hamlets.

According to UAF:

“The EDL has links to the BNP and other fascist organisations. Our unity march against the EDL will assemble at 12.30 in Stepney Green Park. There will be music organised by love music hate racism.”

“We will then march to Altab Ali Park, Aldgate East which is named after a young Bengali man who was murdered in East London by racists in 1978. Let’s come together for a peaceful and united protest to show the EDL racists that they are not welcome in East London. Join us on 20th June and spread the word.”

For further information e-mail: info@uaf.org.uk


2 Responses

  1. I think that none of these marches should be allowed. They can sometimes do more harm than good. there is a lot of tension in this area already and regardless of what anyone might say i live there and have seen it myself. The Bangali community do not mix with other communitys and nor do the somalians. People of carribean extraction are very well intergrated and many have left the area along with a lot of the white people. Those that are left are made to feel pushed out and second class to the newer residents. There is a huge problem with gangs amoung the bengali and somalian youths and drug dealing is rife. There elders need to address these issues as going to the mosque is obviously not helping.. no marches should be allowed in a community that is already under a lot of tension

  2. Read the article below for a report and video footage of the demonstration today:


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