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Londoners March in Gaza Protest

Justice for flotilla victims

Saturday in Westminster saw people from all faiths united under one common cause as Londoners marched in protest for the Palestinian people. The march was organised by the Stop the War coalition.

Following the attack on the aid flotilla by Israeli commandos last week, which left aid workers dead, thousands of people stood strong in a demonstration which reminded us that we are all human irrespective of religion.

The march came amid a backdrop of escalating tensions. The weekend saw another ship The Rachel Corrie illegally boarded by Israeli authorities and diverted from its destination. The ship was attempting to break the blockade – a blockade set in place by Israel since the Gaza strip came under the control of Hamas in 2007.

Speeches were heard from Caroline Lucas the newly elected MP for Brighton, prominent activist and rapper Lowkey, George Galloway former MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, and others from various faith groups.

Today the Israeli navy has killed four Palestinians off the coast of Gaza. According to Israeli officials the divers were believed to have been planning an assault on Israel.

Aksa Martyrs Brigades, a militant group nominally associated with the mainstream Fatah movement led by President Mahmoud Abbas, said the four were among its members. The group said they belonged to its marine unit and that they were training at the time they were hit.

The Israeli Prime Minister came under pressure last week as international condemnation of the flotilla attack led to calls for an international inquiry into what amounts as a breach of international law, in international waters and piracy.
An international inquiry would see scrutiny from nations including the USA. It is thought that the Israeli government is seeking an internal inquiry which would reduce American influence. Relations between America and the Israeli government have become increasingly frosty in recent days.

I marched with Benjamin Zephaniah, and Logic MC who are activists and musicians. Logic speaking on the turnout commented:

“The energy that people have when we come together is something that scares those in power. The most refreshing thing is to see so many people from so many different cultures coming out and marching for what they feel is right. I salute my brother Lowkey so much for bringing this information for the fans of uk hiphop and I salute everyone that stands for humanity.

The Israeli defence forces continue to violate the rights of our fellow brothers and sisters and it’s about time something is really done.”

By Richard Sudan


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  1. A good article, and it’s always refreshing when you’re reminded that there are many good people in this world, it’s inspiring. Keep it up bro!

  2. […] profile of the blockade which affects around 1.5 million Palestinians has been raised in recent weeks after Israeli commandos assaulted an aid Flotilla of unarmed aid […]

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