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Last Chance to Remind Labour MP’s that Leadership Race Diversity Matters

Abbott: leadership hopeful

With only six days to go, and regardless of your political persuasion you may want to contact your local Labour MP or a Labour MP to tell them that diversity of debate and of candidates matters.

OBV along with a number of individuals published the following letter in the Guardian urging Labour MP’s to nominate Diane.

Labour lines up for leadership and London mayor

Regardless of party politics, we welcome Diane Abbott’s decision to enter the Labour leadership contest (Editorial, 24 May). This is important for the Labour party, but also for an inclusive modern democratic process. That’s why we think it important that she gains the required nominations from her fellow MPs.

Diane brings much more than race and gender to the leadership debate. She also brings vast political experience and political views that will not be there if she is not nominated. Debate on issues such as the economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, civil liberties, union rights, immigration, social justice, gender and broader equality issues will all benefit from her intervention.

Now more than ever this new political landscape needs bold and courageous women to be at the heart of political debate. We strongly urge Labour MPs to use their crucial role to ensure that Diane secures sufficient nominations to remain in the contest.

Simon Woolley (Operation Black Vote)

Ann Pettifor

Ahmad Shahzad (Chair BAME Labour)

Bell Ribeiro Addy (NUS Black Students Officer)

Peter Willsman (Labour Party NEC)

Oona King (former MP)

Kwame Kwei-Armah (actor/playwright)

Lorene Fabian

Anni Marjoram

David Linsey

Russell Cartwright


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  1. Three of the architects of New Labour are currently penning their memoirs on the back of a very bad racist and autocratic rule between1997 and 2010. These three people have only ever been interested in linning their pockets; it is clear that that was their main reasons for coming into politics. I hope the coalition government remember the reasons they are in office today, and their main obligation to the United Kingdom as she is today; hopefully paving the way for a racially harmonious future. I hope we never see such a horrendously poor, bad and very racist government like New Labour again. Good luck Diane, you have written your name in history.

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