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Open Letter to OBV Supporters: Israel Flotilla Attack

Photo credit: The Guardian newspaper

Flotilla attacked

Dear OBV supporter,

When slavery was abolished in America after a 400 year long reign of forced servitude, degradation and culture cleansing… the world looked on and said never again. After the Jewish holocaust where millions of Jews were exterminated, forced from their homes and forced to live in unimaginable conditions… the world looked on and said never again. When African Americans alongside people of all different creeds and nationalities fought for equality during the Civil Rights movement… the world looked on and said never again.
When African countries were granted their independence, when women fought for equal rights, when the Berlin Wall fell down and when Nelson Mandela took his first steps of freedom from Robben Island prison after 27 years of imprisonment and ended the apartheid regime the world rallied together for humanities sake and said never again will we sit back and allow such injustices to take place. Never again will we remain silent against the tide of opposition in the face of wrong doing. At all costs we must fight to preserve the very fabric that hold us as humans together.

We sit back at times and ponder how mankind in the past could have been so cruel, how people could have sat back and let these things happen, how it was even possible at all? The world even celebrated the first Black President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama as a symbol of this change.

Yet recent events show we have learned little and many things are still the same.

A freedom flotilla carrying 10000 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Gaza, the worlds largest open air prison camp filled not with prisoners but innocent civilians mostly made up of women and children, is ambushed leaving at the last count 19 dead, several injured and many more taken as prisoners of Israel. A freedom flotilla made up of over 500 people including Jews aimed at ending the blockade so that innocent people can have access to basic health care and food is in broad view and in international waters pounced upon like a warship. Is this what we have learned from past events? Is this what the world has been reduced to yet again?

If we do not stand up and be counted for then we are part of the problem. In life sometimes we think that we are just one person and our one letter, or article, donation and even our face book or twitter status means nothing. But it does!! If we all just as individuals do something no matter how small we become a group of people doing something. In turn that group of people becomes an organisation. That organisation becomes the world!!!

You can help bring attention to the cause via your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites or groups you may be apart off… If you blog you could also write a post and get your friends and colleagues to do so too. Also if you are able you can donate to the cause via http://www.freegaza.org/ which is also a great site to get more information about the freedom flotillas.

So in this day, this time, in this generation, it is our turn… The world is in our hands!

Yours Sincerley,

Agnes Agyepong

Agnes Agyepong is a Lewisham Civic Leadership Programme graduate


8 Responses

  1. Dear,

    what a nonsense you are writing.
    all this leftist BS is so far from reality, that is pain to read it.

    better wake up for a better world.


  2. Agnes, thank you for writing a letter that is embedded with truths about how far we have come in society and all the trials we have over come. It was the people who fought against these injustices and the people prevailed. Yet we have not learned from history and we still witness crimes against humanity, especially when it comes to the people of Palestine. Thank you for reminding me that we must continue to speak up, stand up and air the wrong doings to these innocent civilians. The international community and politicians seem to just disregard their existence. We must speak up for them.

    What your saying is definetely NOT BS, or leftist. It’s the truth, some people will like it and some people wont!

  3. A very good letter Agnes. I will be posting this where I can. I certainly agree that if enough people speak up, things can happen.

    @ John H.

    Which part of the letter do you think is nonsense? Why? Which parts of the letter do you think are far from reality? Why?

    What are your suggestions John for a better World. I think Agnes’ article is informative, constructive , and most certainly not B.S.

    I think posts that are akin to B.S. are the one’s which make fleeting statements, that have nothing constructive to say, and do not offer any suggestions. they tend to offer platitudes instead of substance.

    How would you suggest we ‘wake up’? John?

  4. There are two kinds of people in this world, good people and bad people, that is the only difference…

    Agnes I commend your wise and informative words – and you are right some have learned little, but I would like to add that humanity is a way of life for so many of us, god bless you and all those who strive in the name of humanity..

  5. primary question facing humankind is that of peace.
    violence on both site will never bring a solution.

    i´m simply tired of this nedia bias. certainly the way of Israel is not always the best. but please be honest that the so called Peace Activities are far from peaceful.
    If you have such great love that you can love even your enemy, that power will melt everything.
    that they simply protest in humility, no it was not like this. of course most of them were peaceful and had a good motivation. but the hardcore were violent thugs.
    that is the point for me, that “Both” sides say, we did nothing wrong.
    mbe you want to check out this site.

  6. The same was said for those caught up in the Apartheid Regime, the Civil Rights movement and so forth… They were called terrorists, violent thugs and every other name under the sun at the time! The wife of the captain of the ship and their one month old baby was on that flotilla where the most casualties were felt. Are we to believe that they too were armed? That the babies bottle was in fact a secret grenade?

    We need to have a clear distinction between people legitimately defending themselves in international waters when under attack (what Israel did under International Maritime Law was an act of piracy so people on board actually had every right to defend themselves) and violent thugs! And if we are to call the peace activist violent thugs then I would love to hear how you refer to the situation in Gaza where basic living standards are denied?

    Ayuoosh I think you said it best “some people will like it and some people wont!” We are fortunate to be in a part of the world where we can have this kind of dialogue without fear of attack, reprisals or being brandished with untruthful names or stigmatised. We should take a moment to think about those who do not.

    Thanks to your lovely comments and kind words… lets not let anyone make us think that we can not be the change we want to see in the world, after all the battle first begins in our mind!

  7. First let me congratulate you Agnes on your drive and courage to write this. I don’t agree with all the links you’ve made but I get the general message. As far as your detractors go – it’s easier to be a food critic than a chef (yes you John).

    Given that the media has allowed both sides of the argument and even allowed suggestions of ‘provocation’ (remind me how you provoke an armed commando who has just winched on to your ship?), I don’t see why you would make such an argument. Except to distract from a clearly Israeli fiasco.

    I think Agnes rebutted you plenty herself but I wanted to reiterate that your diversionary reply was pathetic given your original attempt to smear her. If you’re going to bandy slurs about, at least stand by them and back them up with facts of your own.

  8. Government Must Urgently Discuss Proposals for Race Equality with the Black Community
    operationblackvote | June 7, 2010 at 11:37 am | Categories: Coalition Government, Community Organisations, EHRC, Justice, Politics, Race Policy | URL: http://wp.me/pxzbA-1sc

    As we assess the possible implications of £6 billion of immediate budget cuts and further reductions in public sector spending to be announced on the 22nd June Black and ethnic communities anxiously wait to hear exactly what the new Governments approach to tackling race inequality will be. Since the election we have seen or heard […]

    Does anyone know what has happened to this article?

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