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The Battle to Chronicle the Story of New Labour

(Photo credit: The Independent)

Cook - memoirs of power

In a story in yesterday’s Independent, an article by Andy McSmith outlined the key individuals likely to chronicle the inside story of New Labour – as the party is now looking to re-brand it’s image with a hotly contested Labour leadership battle firmly underway.

McSmith argues that Lord Mandelson, who many believed to be the real power wielder and mastermind behind the New Labour project, and also former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, could be next up to secure lucrative book deals.

Random House will publish Tony Blair’s memoirs in September, while former Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis is apparently working on a book describing the immediate aftermath of the May 6th election-which produced a hung Parliament.

Previous hall – of – famers in the book department include Clare Short, the late Robin Cook, and the Adam Boulton antagonist Alastair Campbell.

It is believed that Blair’s memoir is timed specifically to coincide with the political party conference season.

You can read the full article here.

By Richard Sudan


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  1. A bunch of failures profiting on innocent and descent citizens after heaping a lot of mysery on them for thirteen years under the rule of a very racist Labour government. Writing memoirs that paints them in a good light after the catastrophe they have caused to people, only backs up my point that they are very disrespectful to the citizens of this country. I hope the inside story of that very vile government in the Independent Newspaper is factual and truthful. It is about time that the whole nation found out about that very depressing government (New Labour) which only successfully dug up every vile prejudice that exists within a man; especially on the employment front. Promoting dishonesty on all levels of society. Pity the members of the public would go out in their droves to further line the pockets of these very disgusting politicians who have lied to them, stolen from them, steered their futures in the wrong directions, caused mayhem in all their walks of life, broken international law and made it difficult for people to travel freely; thanks to the possible retribution from fundametalists, deceived them and treated them disrespectfully, and has made a joke of such a great nation like the UK by breaking international law.

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