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Fury over Lambeth Councillor Suspension Continues

Lambeth councillor Kingsley Abrams

Fury over the suspension of Lambeth councillor Kingsley Abrams continues as the local MP Kate Hoey branded the decision ”shoddy’.

Vauxhall MP Kate Hoey has condemned Lambeth Council’s suspension of Labour Councillor Kingsley Abrams.

Labour colleagues have accused Abrams of leaking politically sensitive information to the press – a charge which he denies. The charge was first made against Abrams at the beginning of this year, but action was only taken to suspend him after the local and general election.

Officials from the council’s Legal Services team reportedly hacked into his email account in an attempt to prove the allegation. The authority claims it had the legal right to take such action, but Abrams has challenged the move.

Sources close to Abrams told OBV Blog:

“The emails of an elected councillor will contain quite sensitive information from his constituents, other people in the Labour party, and the wider public. How can the public trust a local authority that hacks into the emails of its own councillors?”

Lambeth council’s actions have drawn the fury of Labour MP Hoey. Hoey told OBV Blog:

“I’m very angry at this- I support Kingsley 100%. What is particularly shocking is that Steve Reed [Lambeth council leader] knew about this (alleged email leak) before the election and delayed everything because he knew that Kingsley was very popular and works hard and he didn’t want to lose the seat.”

Abrams was suspended on 17 May by the local Labour group for 4 months and has until next week to appeal.

Hoey described the fiasco as ‘shoddy behaviour’ by Reed.

She was particularly scathing of the searching of Abrams’ email system.

“That is pretty dreadful behaviour,” she said. “And a lot of people will be greatly worried.”

She added:

“I would have hoped that leaders would find ways to encourage those with different views to have their voices heard.”

A statement from Lambeth Council said:

“Allegations were made that Cllr Abrams had been leaking confidential information which ended up with the opposition parties and in articles in local papers.”

Abrams remains a Councillor in Lambeth.


3 Responses

  1. […] explained the circumstances that led to @LambethLabour’s Councillor Kingsley Abrams being suspended from his party for a period of four […]

  2. What is happening to Kingsley Abrams in Lambeth is most alarming.

    See Onionbagblog –


    It is really very worrying, when so many of us (including Kingsley) put all our hopes in their promises of a just and equal society! What are the big national political parties offerring us? Must we look to no future in politics, or the divisiveness of a specifically Black Party, or is this just Lambeth – again!

  3. how funny it is that abrams complains about breach of confidentiality when there is a prima facie argument that he himself can’t keep a secret

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