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Council Clear BNP Teacher of Wrong Doing

Photograph: Paul Hackett/Reuters

Walker - cleared

A BNP member and teacher who wrote racially offensive comments on the Internet – using a school laptop – will not be facing disciplinary action from the General Teaching Council (GTC)

The hearing heard that Adam Walker, a technology teacher from Spennymoor, County Durham, described immigrants as “savage animals” and “filth “describing Britain as a “dumping ground” for the Third World.

Mr Walker resigned from his post after I.T. technicians were asked to investigate the usage of the laptop that the BNP member had been using.

The GTC officer opening the case against Walker yesterday noted in his statement that:

“This case is not about the BNP or whether teachers should be members of that lawful party. This case is about the actions and behaviour of a registered teacher, using a school property on school premises in school time”

However this case was clearly about more than the misuse of school property. While some will avoid talking about the central issue here, avoiding politically charged territory, this case clearly highlights the grey area that exists as to whether or not teachers should be allowed to teach if they are members of the BNP. The outcome and decision of the council here could have repercussions elsewhere.

The BNP were defeated at the general election in Barking and elsewhere. However, they still have elected councillors, London Assembly members and MEPs

Police officers and others in positions of responsibility simply cannot hold such fascist political views and practise their professions without their conduct being scrutinised. However, there are still no restrictions preventing BNP members teaching.

The GTC chairman Angela Stones commented on the outcome today:

“The committee accepts that immigrants to this country come from all over the world. A negative comment about immigration to the UK of itself need not be indicative of racist views or racial intolerance since the race of immigrants is extremely varied.

“For the GTC to prove its case in relation to (the allegation of racial and religious intolerance) the committee has to be satisfied that contributions made by Walker demonstrated views suggestive of racial intolerance.

“Although ‘suggestive’ may be a relatively low threshold, ‘intolerance’ is a significant word which the committee has considered very carefully.

“The committee’s view is that, to be suggestive of intolerance, the postings would need to deny or refuse to others the right to dissent.

“We do not find that the postings themselves were suggestive of intolerance.”

By Richard Sudan

3 Responses

  1. I dont think it has anything to do with whether or not hes in the BNP. Disciplinary action should be taken against teachers who are racist scum regardless of the BNP affiliation.

  2. I agree with you Buddha. But the fact Walker is a BNP member-and made the comments he did while on a school laptop-and will now be allowed to teach speaks of a wider problem.

    I would argue his comments have everything to do with his affiliation with the BNP.

    A person’s political standing is often on par with their own ideological makeup at the best of times.

    In this case Walker’s political stance directly shaped his comments. The link is clear.

    But even if we remove the ‘political’ aspect of this case (and I use the term liberally here as the BNP are un-democratic by default and therefore actually should have no place in democracy) his behaviour was still unacceptable. The fact he used school property, whilst working merely adds salt to the wound.

    The outcome of this investigation has failed in it’s duty on both counts here-and furthermore it has sent out the message that this kind of behaviour IS acceptable, and it WILL go unpunished.

    The law must be changed to prevent teachers who are members of the BNP from teaching.

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