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UPDATED: Diane Abbott Top of the Polls in Labour Leadership Race

Diane Abbott: Top of the Polls

In a poll published in the Sunday Times, Diane Abbott continues to defy her critics by coming second to David Miliband. Others in the poll included Ed Miliband Ed Balls and John Mc Dermont.

Abbott, who announced last week that she would stand, has captured a public mood that sees diversity of candidates and views as positive element to the Labour leadership race. Even one of Abbott’s political detractors and adversary journalist Suzanne Moore, argues that Abbott’s involvement is good for the wider debate.

Abbott’s real challenge will come from getting enough nominations from other Labour MP’s. Today she received a boost, however, from BAME Labour, who’s Chair Ahmed Shahzad, exclusively told OBV that;

“We must support Diane. This is very good news, and we’ll be sending a press release out shortly.”

Update: A new poll yesterday by PoliticsHome.com has put Diane Abbott top favourite with members of the public to lead the Labour party:

Diane Abbott is the public’s preferred choice as Labour leader, according to new PoliticsHome research.

The MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, best known to many voters for her appearances on TV’s This Week, was the first choice of 19% of voters, putting her ahead of both Miliband brothers.


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