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Justice for Julian

24 year old Julian Webster, was a well mannered, pleasant, humble, much loved and respected young man from Birmingham. On Friday, 10th April 2009, he was a customer at the Pitcher and Piano bar, Deansgate lock in Manchester.

At the end of the night he exited the venue along with other customers. Julian had lost a mobile phone in the venue so he re-approached the venue and sought the door men’s assistance as he asked to be allowed to re-enter to look for his missing phone.

Sometime after Julian approached the door men the 1st call was made by the Manager followed up by another 3 phone calls before the Police arrived at the Pitcher and Piano Bar, to find two door security men holding Julian in a way they described as restraining him. When the Police eventually, instructed the doormen to release him Julian immediately collapsed to the ground. Many attempts to resusitate him by the Police themselves and also followed up by Paramedics who were called to the scene also failed.

However, the CPS to date have failed to prosecute anyone for the mysterious death of this young Black man. The Family and supporters are calling this protest in order to seek justice.

Someone is responsible, Someone is accountable.

Please Support this Protest for Justice.

Date : Friday 21st May 2010

Time: 11-1130am

Venue : Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Sunlight House Quay St Manchester Lancashire M3 3LU

Telephone 01618274700

7 Responses

  1. This is a disgrace and reflects a grave injustice. The CPS remains institutionally racist, even toward its’s own black lawyers-similar to the Met Police.

    How can we
    i) expect justice to be done if the so-called symbol of justice remains racist at it’s heart?

    ii)How can we deal with the above until the CPS is reformed.

    We see a two-pronged effect here. A broken an unequal institution failing to deliver justice which not only does not deliver justice but actually perpetuates injustice.

    I am urging anyone who can attend this protest to do so and to keep a close eye on the media to follow any campaigns confronting the CPS that may arise.

    Jusitce being delivered is one thing, but preventing these type of tragedies in the future has to be the goal.

  2. This is not a case of injustice by the CPS, it is a case firstly of door staff at these venues believing they are above the law.

    Deliver them justice.

  3. I agree justice needs to be delivered, and it is the job of the CPS to do so. Indeed, the CPS is held up as a symbol of justice by many.

    Doormen acting above the law is one thing. An ineffectual CPS reinforcing this status quo, by not holding anyone accountable for this tragedy (and countless others) is another.

    Were this the first case of an ineffectual institution(s) failing to:
    a)implement a system which safeguards people and

    b) deliver justice through the courts when this system fails

    I’d be a little less cynical. But it’s not. We’ve all lost count of the number of cases we’ve heard of like this one.

  4. Can somebody clear up whether the issue is?

    a) the police brought charges but the CPS did not pursue or
    b) the police have not brought charges

    If it is the latter the CPS is the wrong target.

    Richard you may have more clarity on that?

  5. The CPS was asked whether or not charges should be brought to the two men who were arrested following Julian’s death were released on bail until January.

    A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “The evidence was fully reviewed by a CPS lawyer and a QC, and a decision was made that no further action would be taken against the men.”

    Julian’s mother said in response:”Someone is responsible for my son’s death and I want justice for him.

    “We want the CPS to look at this again as we are all just gobsmacked that two men can have been arrested and kept on police bail all that time.”

    Evidence in the case has now been passed to the coroner, who is expected to open an inquest in the summer.

    A CPS spokesperson

  6. I agree with Tom, night club door men/ security are a law unto themselves. They need to be accountable for their actions. I think that the CPS is only part of the problem.

    I think the main problem here is the general perception of “Black Males” as a menace to society – which is totally untrue and needs to be tackled.

  7. Your right James. They are a law unto themselves. I just feel that the problem perpetuates as those who are meant to safeguard people albeit the Police or the CPS fail to do so. It’s the Police and the CPS who are meant to ensure people are answerable to the law of the land-not operating above it.

    I think the point about accountability hits the nail on the head James. Thugs like the doormen in quaestion must be made accoutable and we must send out a strong message that they are accountable.

    In this same way institutions like The Police and the CPS are accountable to the people they exist to serve. I think many people think at present there are too many examples in recent memory of violent crimes gone unpunished.

    And good to hear from you James :).

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