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New Prime Minister David Cameron

Congratulations and best wishes to our New Prime Minister David Cameron!

In the end the outgoing Prime Minister Gordon Brown left Downing St with great dignity, taking responsibility for his party’s election defeat, and extolling the pride he held at being able to serve his country at the highest level.

But this moment is about Prime Minister David Cameron and the brave new political world he inherits: One that forces him to work in coalition with his former political rivals the Liberal Democrats, to ensure amongst a list of priorities that he navigates Britain through an economic fragility that could lead us to turmoil for decades.

The political coalition that will be established will probably change the way we do politics forever. At the heart of that change will be democratic reform which we in the Black community should embrace as a mechanism to deliver greater social and racial justice. We will have our role too: to be active citizens, confident in our ability to be agents for change.

As we wish the New Prime Minister well , lets asks ourselves, what’s our full role in this brave new political world?

Simon Woolley
OBV Director


3 Responses

  1. I hope the coalition work.

  2. I wish the coalition success.

  3. For the good of the country we must hope that the Government can continue to put aside Party Political differences in the national interest.

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