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Haiti-an Island betrayed, a people crushed

There is mounting concern that the UN plans for the reconstruction of Haiti are failing to deliver much needed help for the island.

The UN announced on April 1st a $5.3 billion aid package. However, to date none of the money promised has been delivered by the international community.

Award winning Haitian author, poet and human rights attorney Ezili Dantò has condemned the current US efforts as exploitative and argues that the aid currently being provided is largely being channeled through the funding of US companies rather than supporting the local economy. Danto complains that US media concentrates on demonising Haitian officials in order to mask US failures to deliver effective aid.

Danto writing on her website states:

“It’s more than two months after the earthquake and the media coverage seemingly has forgotten that the fleecing of aid dollars earmarked for Haiti’s earthquake victims happens before the trickle down aid gets to Haiti.”

So, instead of focusing on the fact that less than one cent from every aid dollar collected, in the name of Haiti’s pain, gets to the Haitian government. The media assist the charity and NGO industry in Haiti by focusing their reporting on the smallest of corruptions, that of the Haitian official who wants a portion of the food, water or tents actually reaching Haiti.

The big crooks, the corrupt World Relief organizations, USAID, UN and their NGOs and the 10,000 charities in Haiti masquerading in the name of “helping Haitians” get free passes.

The effective rebuilding of Haiti now looks increasingly unlikely as the US and international aid promises of genuine partnership and investment are abandoned in favor of making a quick buck.


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