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Why Don’t Black People Vote?’ The movie!!!

Tomorrow 5pm Brixton Ritzy SW9.
A new documentary that seeks to forensically explore he reasons why some black people choose not to vote has been made by an underground video producer Rashid from Brixton South London.
The film goes to the streets and estates in addition to the man downtown to ask critical questions of black people on the road as well as those charged with responsibility for administrating democracy.
An excellent documentary, filmed mainly in Brixton, focuses on the Lambeth Council ward of Coldharbour that has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the country, and is predominantly black. Interviews with ordinary men and women on the road asks: why many of us refuse to vote?
What follows is a deep exploration of thoughts; rational, misinformed and astute of the local community.  Inspiring and depressing, but definitely challenging this film will no doubt ignite a widespread debate.  What is the nature of race and democratic participation in London?
Dubbed ‘…the film they don’t want you to see“ a live

4 Responses

  1. I rang the Ritzy cinema box office,12.30 today 4th May and was told I could not book because Operation Black Vote is not showing..?

  2. I’d like to attend the screening but can anyone confirm if the film ‘Operation Black Vote’ is screening at The Ritzy Cinema today?

    Was I given (in)correct information by the box office staff who said the film will not be showing today 4th May?

  3. I was misinformed re the film title. It’s now clear there will be a “private” screening of ‘WHY DON’T BLACK PEOPLE VOTE’ at The Ritzy 4pm today for a 4.30 start.

    Hope to see see y’all there.


  4. I was unable to attend due to work. I hope it is re-shown in the future. If Black people refuse to vote, the reason is simply because the British government’s of the past have done very little to involve us in the political process. Whether it is deliberate or not, that sadly, I cannot comment on.

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