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Campaign to support migrants launched

I Love Migrants campaign launched

A campaign to highlight the positive contributions that migrants have made to the UK will be launched this evening.

The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants will today officially launch its I Love Migrants at the legendary Foundry club in Old Street, east London from 7pm.

Immigration has once again been a hot topic during the general election campaign and JCWI hopes to challenge politicians to give the true facts about migration.

The campaign website debunks common myths about migration and sets out a number of facts including that:

  • Migration is good for wages: According to evidence from the Low Pay Commission, migration has led to better wages for high and medium skilled employees while having only a very slight or negligible negative impact for the low paid;
  • Migration is good for your health: The National Health Service could not function without migrant workers. A total of 47 percent of nurses working in London were born overseas while 33 percent of doctors practicing in the capital were trained outside the UK;
  • Migrants will look after the old: Only through migration will there be enough young people to look after the elderly. Without higher migration the dependency ratio of those in work to those too young or old to work will grow from 61 percent today to 82 percent by 2057.

Hina Majid, Policy Director at JCWI said: “One of the reasons I ‘love’ migrants? Laughter. Hours and hours of side-splitting, back slapping laughter! Were it not for immigration I would never have been acquainted with a range of fantastically funny personalities that lit up my tv screen from child to adulthood. Alan Partridge, Malcolm Tucker, Mr Everything comes from India, Nathaniel the Nigerian student taxi driver, and Theophilus P. Wildebeeste are but just a few characters that have seriously tickled me (and no doubt thousands of other Brits) over the years. Their creators Armando Iannucci, Meera Syal, Felix Dexter and Lenny Henry are of course comical whizzes – they all hail from migrant backgrounds.”

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  1. Sounds like a really good event, and a very timely intervention into the debate.

    Liberty also got politicians to sign an asylum pledge recently which was a positive development:


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