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A National Hate Campaign Against Mosques

Mosque's under attack

The rising nature of attacks on Mosques continues throughout the country. There is a worrying national campaign against the building of Mosques and existing Mosques are now forced to take security very seriously.

Almost a national sport, local campaigns are springing up all over the country opposing the building Mosques usually spearheaded by right wing racist groups.

Britain seems strangely threatened by these places of worship and the increasing nature of religious attacks is a deeply worrying trend.

There men were arrested in Crawley after a pigs head was thrown at the local Langley Green Mosque on Sunday 25th April.

Larakh Jamal, secretary of the Crawley Islamic Culture Centre, said:

“This unprovoked incident was intended to cause incitement to racial and religious hatred.

“We are grateful to the authorities that, as soon as the incident was reported, swift action was taken and within 24 hours all three suspects were apprehended.

“At Langley Green Mosque we have always striven to work with other faiths and other communities and to come to a common ground, as the Holy Koran instructs.”

Mr Jamal urged Muslims to follow “the Prophet Muhammad’s example” after the attack on the London Road mosque.

He added: “We are neither angry nor frustrated. At the most we pray for such people that the Lord guide them so we can all live side by side in harmony.

In Manchester, on the 10th April vandals carried our repeated attacks of vandalism on the Liverpool Road Mosque Eccles. Caught on CCTV the racist vandals can be seen smashing windows and destroying property.

Ali Anees, chairman of the Eccles and Salford Mosque, said:

“We have had problems regularly. In March, someone threw paint over the outside of the mosque and wrote graffiti.

“Then at about 2am last Saturday two men got into the grounds. One is on film throwing bricks which had been taken from a wall of a neighboring building. They attacked the building twice in about 20 minutes.

“Three sections of the windows were smashed and bricks were found inside the office of the mosque. We had another incident in March when eggs were thrown at people leaving the mosque by people driving past.

“After a lot of damage was caused in 2006, we had people come forward to help us and in the last two years we have spent £425,000 on new buildings.

“We have up to 500 members and they are very angry about the attacks. We want the culprits caught”.

The newly elected Government will need to address this worrying trend and anti racist groups will need to step up their campaign to protect places of worship before a serious tragedy occurs.

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