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NUS Failing Black Students?

Under attack: Bellavia Ribeiro-Addy

The NUS has once again tarnished its already besmirched reputation with black communities by unfairly censuring the countries leading black student activist Bellavia Ribeiro-Addy NUS Black Students Officer.

Bellavia was subject to a censure motions after she campaigned to stop BNP MEP Andrew Brons speaking at Durham University Debating society.

This decision of the NUS President Wes Streeting to support the censure motion, along with 7 members of the National Executive, swung the vote against Bellavia. The vote at the recent NUS national conference took delegates by surprise and a similar motion that followed the censure of Bellavia against the NUS Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Officer Daf Adley, a white man was roundly defeated when delegates rushed back into the conference hall once they realised what the NUS NEC had done.

The motions moved by Durham University Students Union had made the ludicrous and stereotypical claim that Bellavia had threatened violence on the University campus. The campaign had actually highlighted the fact that Black, Muslim LGBT and Jewish students were experiencing violence and intimidation in the run up to the planned meeting.

NUS commitment to anti racism is both weak and ineffective with the NUS NEC seeking to frustrate the work of the Black Students Campaign and undermine black leadership in the student movement. This failure is largely a result of the stunning lack of anti racist leadership shown by NUS President Wes Streeting.

OBV Director, Simon Woolley said:

‘The President of the NUS, should stand down with immediate effect. His action, along with others, has confirmed beyond doubt that under his leadership Black students and the race equality agenda badly suffers. Black students and the student population in general deserve a better leadership’.

Bellavia is now seeking support to ensure the full NEC makes known its opposition to the censure motion at its next meeting due to take place on May 10th. There is an emergency meeting taking place to support Bellavia organised by the Black Students Campaign.


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  1. Can you please add a share facility to this blog so that entries can be publicised on Twitter, etc?

    Would be really helpful in terms of raising awareness.


  2. Hi MissJ,

    Many thanks for your feedback. We are in the process of looking into your suggestion as part of our new web developments.

    In the meantime we do have a Twitter account that can be Re-Tweeted from: http://twitter.com/opblackvote

    Many thanks


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