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Damned When He Did and Dead if He Didn’t

Omari Robert

A Black man has had murder charges dropped after defending himself from two violent burglars.

Mr. Omari Roberts, 23 yrs old apprentice builder, arrived at his mother’s home in Nottingham in March 2009 to find two burglars ransacking the place. He was attacked and in the ensuing fight one of the burglars was injured and the other died as a result of knife wound to the neck.

Mr Roberts was then charged with murder, rather than manslaughter. However, the Crown Prosecution Service sensationally dropped the charges this week at Nottingham Crown Court.

Mr Roberts looking relieved surrounded by his family spoke about his experience,

“The past year for me has been a nightmare. It’s been very stressful. I haven’t wanted the events to happen as they have happened.” He added, “I have been taken away from my family. I have had restrictions to what I can do. I am overwhelmed that the charges have been dropped but it still hasn’t sunk in yet.”

Commentating on the case Lee Jasper race equality campaigner told OBV that,

“That Mr. Roberts should face murder charges after defending his sister and family home is an inexplicable decision on the part of the Nottinghamshire Police Constabulary and the Crown Prosecution Service. Mr. Roberts quite literally fought to save his life and at that of his family.”

Mr. Jasper went on to praise Mr. Roberts’s actions:

“He acted courageously in extremely dangerous circumstances and to then be prosecuted for murder by the authorities is frankly unbelievable. Not only should he get a full, unqualified apology and compensation for the treatment he received, there should now be a full inquiry into how he came to be charged with murder, rather than at worst manslaughter in the first place. The decision to do so in my view was perverse”

Both the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Crown Prosecution service have rejected the call for an apology and inquiry. Mr. Roberts intends to press his case with the support of the local community.

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  1. It does seem excessive, to say the least, that the charge was murder. Also it’s outrageous that he was also charged with assault on the other burglar.

    It’s incredible that the story of the burglar/witness was not checked earlier. that way a lot of time, money and inconvenience could’ve been avoided.

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