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A Shout Out to Bragg!

Picture via:  Kris Krug from Vancouver, Canada

Anti Racist - Bill Bragg

The long time socialist and anti-fascist Billy Bragg, couldn’t resist telling BNP Richard Barnbrook what he felt of him and his nasty party.

In a flurry of exchanges Bragg tells Barnbrook, ‘You do not represent the people of Barking and Dagenham here…You are exploiting the genuine concerns people have here’.

Over the last few days Barking and Dagenham has seen a lot of interest from individuals and groups seeking to bring different communities together, particularly to fight the far Right.

Staged at The Barking Broadway, ‘Silence is not golden‘ brought together a range of youth groups using art to express the pain and injustice experienced within a range of life stories: domestic violence; global trade; and politics.

OBV’s Director, Simon Woolley who attended the innovative and empowering theatre project, said:

‘These young people raised the spirit, and made you feel proud and privileged to see their performances. They were not only artistic, and moving, but they also firmly stated that despite the bad ‘youth’ press, there is a generation out there that care about their society and community.’


One Response

  1. Good to see the positive community effort. And that it is supported by Billy Bragg, who remains fantastic after all this time.

    He succinctly points out why ordinary people are being hoodwinked by the hateful BNP. I heard him on the radio the other day and his sensible approach to political opinion is refreshing amongst the present nonsense we’re suffering during the electioneering process.

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