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No attempt to stem teenage murders

Shock over teenage killings

London’s black community suffered a double killing this weekend and questions were again being raised about why Government, the London Mayor, local authorities and black communities have failed to stem the growing number of black teenage murders.

The view of the black community is clear and simple. If white middle class kids were killing themselves in the same numbers as our children would there be a national outcry? The fact is that young black people are increasingly seen as dispensable by a society that continues to discriminate and demonise them. Over the last decade we have lost more black people to murder than soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. This demonstrates the stunning complacency of Government and local authorities.

We have seen no significant increase in the level of funding targeting youth diversion or preventions schemes. We have seen no effort to properly assess the pastoral, social and psychological impact of such a high murder rate and identify the needs of a community who are seeing death, serious injuries and casualties comparable with a small war.

Schools are refusing to acknowledge that they have problems with either gangs or violence. Parents of those young people who are engaged in committing acts of serious violence are often themselves young, unemployed and uneducated. The essential black father figure is often missing, and these family’s lives are usually chaotic and dysfunctional.

This weekend saw two more teenagers murdered in London bringing the total to 8 this year. Agnes Sina Inakoju age 16 was shot in the neck on Wednesday the 14th April while eating out at a local restaurant. Two young black men rode up to the restaurant and started shooting through the window. Agnes was taken to hospital where she later tragically died from her injuries.

Meanwhile in Croydon in the early hours of Sunday morning a 16-year-old boy was stabbed to death outside a birthday party.

The view of many in the community is that long as the principle victims remain black then politicians will continue to cry crocodile tears while doing absolutely nothing meaningful to end the killing. The reality is nobody is going to help us solve this problem in the short term. This is a serious crisis that may only get worse as we approach the summer.


2 Responses

  1. “The reality is nobody is going to help us solve this problem in the short term. This is a serious crisis that may only get worse as we approach the summer.”

    I beg to differ. I have written a number of letters to Harriet Harman and have asked her why she thought her generation of New Labour ministers thought their generation were the right ones to tamper with the Race Relations Act 1976 (RRA). She has not answered that question to date. New Labour are clearly the reason why this problem has worsened as they have used this unfortunate situation to boost their political ambitions by pleasing white racists.

    Without the effective protection of the RRA, a lot of these youths and their parents have seen their opportunities dwindle before their eyes.

    I also wrote to the President of the Employment Tribunals complaining at how the judgement in Employment Tribunals are favouring white people over black. He has also refused to respond. I requested the following information from the Employment Tribunals under the Freedom of Information:

    1. The number of claims for Racial Discrimination made to the
    Employment Tribunals since October 2004 to present, the ethnic
    background of the claimants, and the outcome to their claims.

    2. The number of claims made for Racial Discrimination and
    Victimisation made to the Employment Tribunals since October 2004
    to present, the ethnic background of all claimants and the outcome
    to their claims.


    Can you kindly supply me with information of the number of unfair
    dismissal claims brought to Employment Tribunals since October 2004
    to date, the number of successful and unsuccessful claims, and the
    ethnic backgrounds of the applicants?

    All requests were rejected. I was adviced to contact my MP regarding this matter which I did on 19/1/10. He has still not got back to me yet. I have accepted that I am another product of a failed generation, but, I have put myself out there for the sake of the younger generation coming through. My efforts are continuously being thwarted by those who should know better.

    Until issues similar to what I have highlighted are addressed, and action is taken against those in position of authority who abuse their positions – like the President of the Employment Tribunal – I am afraid that you will have to brace yourselves for more young black deaths.

  2. What….

    anyway…going back to the original piece regarding what appears to be the escalating violence between young bme men it the answer to such a problem seems beyond the community at large.

    I previously wrote about the recent conference aimed at tackling serious youth violence held in Westminster only a bus ride away from the incident outside Victoria station.

    Articles, radio phone ins and conferences all appear to looking at the problem but fail to ask quite simple questions as to why would a young man leave home with the intention of harming another human being with a knife or a gun? Or what did the parents of those arrested have to say when they realised their child had committed such a crime – to take the life of another?

    The loss of young life does not shock me anymore, and that in itself saddens me…. why is their such hatred amongst young men to each other. There is also the usual absence of comments from black fathers? I am not sure if it is because we are simply not asked to comment or do not wish to comment…I don’t know anymore.

    There is an election campaign currently going on whilst this is happening and I am sure that not one of the parties had made a statement regarding the escalation….as the nation is too busy trying to see which colours the leaders wives are wearing!

    It is on forums as such as this and what is left of the bme media – newspapers and website where the debate needs to start and continue in those venues where we know young bme men and fathers gather and converse.

    Is it to easy to blame the government for this escalation, surely it would be easier to ask all parents to actually engage with their children and ask them not to carry weapons at all….but maybe that would be just too simple a task to carry out.

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