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Unleash the Warrior!

Rebbecca Hemmings

So, I have been selected as an MP Shadow (not a Shadow MP as some mistakenly believe) & Ambassador for Operation Black Vote in conjunction with Communities & Local Government.

This means that for the rest of 2010 I will be encouraging BME’s to engage and participate in politics and I will be shadowing a Liberal Democrat MP.

How do I feel about it? Mighty chuffed.

Now, a long term acquaintance contacted me after discovering I would be doing this and she said that she doesn’t trust the political system and she wanted to know what positivity (is that a word?) do I hope to bring to politics? Here was my answer:

In all honesty I can understand why you’re not bothered with politics. I voted for the first time only 4 years ago. But over the last few years I kept hearing myself complain about the unfairness of some of the laws of this country. For instance a lot of institutional racism still exists and some of it I feel is ignored by the Government. I hate the way that poor people suffer in this country whilst the rich carry on their lives not even noticing or seemingly caring about those that are struggling.

So the short answer to your question is: I hope to be the voice that no one has heard before but wants to hear. I came from a poor, black family and I know what it’s like to struggle because of poverty and unfair treatment. I want to take our private moans out to the street, because it’s only once we make noise that we’ll truly be heard and something can be done about it.

After writing that I could hear applause in my head and I could see transparent people before me giving me a standing ovation. I felt like I had delivered my first public speech; albeit a micro one. I felt great as I know my simple words came from an honest and passionate place; two qualities which I believe are lacking in modern day politics. I felt and still feel like I was actually made to do this; my inner warrior has been unleashed and like a genie she is not going back!

However, (please excuse me as I land back on earth!) I need to acknowledge that was an easy question to answer. I know I need to brace myself for much more difficult questions. I have decided to support the Liberal Democrats as I truly believe in their constitution which seeks to create a fair and just society for all. However, having never been in power I have already heard the comments:

“I’m not voting for them, they’ll never become Government.”

“They have no experience to run the country”

“I ain’t voting for Gordon Brown, David Cameron or that other bloke!”

With comments like these I know the difficult questions will be fired at me soon and I must prepare to answer them. But do you know what? I’m feeling encouraged despite the challenges ahead. Britain is in process of massive change, I truly believe there’s room for much more.

I say it’s time we turned up the bass and really start shaking this place up.

And the crowd goes wild!

Rebbecca Hemmings is a member of the 2010 MP Shadowing Scheme and has started a blog about her experiences. OBV will be featuring further entries from Rebbecca as the scheme progresses.

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