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Griffin urged to sack Nazi salute local council candidate

Mark Onion- BNP local council candidate giving Nazi style salute

Nick Griffin MEP is being urged to sack a local council candidate photographed giving a Nazi style salute on the popular social networking site Facebook.

Mark Onion, a BNP council candidate for Orsett ward in Thurrock, Essex, reportedly included a picture of him giving a Nazi style salute on his Facebook page, while wearing a Help for Heroes wristband.

On his Facebook page Onion has said that he finds films about the Holocaust and Slave Trade “amusing and funny” and lists “Mein Kampf” and the “Final Solution” as his favourite books.

The anti-fascist campaign group ‘There is Nothing British about the BNP’ has called on the party’s leader Nick Griffin, to sack Onion to affirm his commitment to remove bigoted and misogynistic members from the party.

Griffin has protested that BNP supporters are unfairly labelled as bigots and has claimed that the BNP is no longer racist. However Nothing British about the BNP have called on Griffin show that this is so by addressing racism within his party and removing Onion as his council candidate in Thurrock.

James Bethell, director of Nothing British, said:Mark Onion is a misogynistic, Nazi sympathising bigot who views on women firmly belongs in the dark ages. Voters will see that both he and the BNP are a disgrace to this country. There is nothing patriotic about the BNP.”

A Help for Heroes spokeswoman told Nothing British:The money that we raise at Help for Heroes is used to support wounded Servicemen and women of every colour and creed and we strongly oppose any individual or political party who believes otherwise, and those who seek to use the charity’s name for their own political gain.”

Simon Weston, a Falklands veteran and campaigner, said:The man says women should be beaten, salutes the Nazis, finds Schindlers’ List ‘funny and amusing’- do people really want this as their representative? What sort of society are we living in if we can produce this behaviour? I’m appalled that he has been selected to stand. He’s meant to be in the heart of local politics.”

When contacted, Onion declined to comment.

The BNP is standing a full slate of 16 local candidates in Thurrock.

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