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OBV’s election doorstep challenge

With the election race well and truly underway it’s important that we are clear about the key policy questions we should demand of prospective candidates.

With the majority of key marginal seats based in large urban areas there has never been a better opportunity to bring about change. We are very much in the driving seat when it comes to these elections.

Our vote will determine who wins and who loses and now is the time to use that strength to place the issue of race equality on the national agenda.

If you’re looking for detail on the policy issues and recommendations then take a look at the recently published Black Manifesto.

Here you will find detailed information on the issues that are important to our communities. You can help distribute this by posting this article out to your friends and contacts. It is vitally important that we raise awareness and become better informed about the issues of the day.

OBV has distilled what we believe to be five key questions you should be asking any politician who knocks on your door in addition to your own local concerns.

  1. Do you support the extending of the Northern Ireland Fair Employments Act on affirmative action to Britain in effort to dramatically reduce black unemployment in the UK?
  2. Do you support the implementation of black only short-lists as an effective means of improving representation in all political parties?
  3. Do you support a tax on banks using some of that revenue to tackle poverty in poor black communities?
  4. Do you believe that the £148 million pounds seized last year in criminally confiscated assets should be directed to poor communities – and not to the Treasury – to help fund youth diversion and anti crime initiatives?
  5. Do agree that the DNA of individuals who are neither charged nor prosecuted should be removed from the national DNA Database?

Let us know what responses you get to these and any other questions you raise with prospective politicians and we will post them up.

Whatever you do make sure you prepare to press them on where they stand on race equality issues among other things.

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