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Cameron takes stand against BNP teachers

The Tory leader has a tougher line on the BNP than the Education Secretary

Campaigners welcomed the decision of David Cameron to ban British National Party members from becoming teachers.

The Tory leader revealed he would consider introducing a new law to prevent the BNP from taking up teaching posts in schools.

Cameron’s remarks but clear blue water between himself and the Labour government, who have backtracked on earlier indications that they would ban the BNP from classrooms.

The Tory leader’s position will put pressure on education secretary Ed Balls, who is now against a ban.

Speaking to a public audience in Peckham, south London, yesterday, Cameron said that “any good headteacher would not want to have a BNP member within 100 miles of their school.”

He added: ‘Being a member of the BNP and being a teacher is completely incompatible. If we need to change the law [to ban BNP teachers] then we should do that.’

His comments were welcomed by the leader of a campaign to ban the BNP from classrooms. Lee Jasper, who runs a 2,900-member Facebook Group called No to BNP Teachers In Our Classrooms.

He said: ‘I entirely welcome that the Tory Party should join forces with the anti-racist movement by standing up against the fascist and racist BNP. I’m pleased that David Cameron has decided to put additional weight on [education secretary] Ed Balls to change his decision.’

Earlier this week Balls appeared to rule out banning the BNP from schools after a government review concluded that it would be “taking a very large sledgehammer to crack a minuscule nut”. The decision provoked a storm of protest community leaders and anti-fascist activists.

In June last year, Balls indicated he would be prepared to ban the BNP, but ministers now seem to have retracted from that view.

Senior Guardian journalist Joseph Harker argued that an anti-racist position must mean a ban on the BNP in schools.

He wrote: “It is often said that for evil to flourish, all it takes is for good people to do nothing. As the BNP’s message of hate moves onwards, it is time for good people to take a stand.”

Sonia Brown, of the National Black Women’s Network, who attended the Peckham event last night, backed Cameron’s stance. She commented: ‘If the BNP see us as having no valuable contribution to society, how would that reflect on how they teach us?’

By Lester Holloway


11 Responses

  1. Nice to hear!!

    • Hello Janet,

      Glad to see that you are still keeping up the fight against injustice. On election day, please remember how helpful Jack Straw was regarding my late uncle Christopher before you cast your vote. It’s about time governments sit up and stop taking people for granted.

  2. I hope the Conservatives, if voted in, can eliminate every BNP member from within the legal justice system too.

    • Unfortunately, the disgusting views of the Conservative Party, who seem destined to encourage other discriminations, be it through class, orientation or background, mean that the natural choice for anti-fascists is the Labour Party.

      • I think such praise can only be accorded to a previous Labour Government. New Labour’s position regarding racism and fascism is appaulling.

      • Nonsense. At the general election, if you seek an equal platform for all people, you need to vote for the Labour Party. The current government have brought in some of the strongest legislation in Europe tackling discrimination.

      • I would like you to give me some examples of these legislation; which at best is only effective on paper.

      • Sex Discrimination – The Minimum Wage. Not only is it something so many people in this country take for granted now, but helped narrow the gender-pay gap.
        Established the Commission for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR) to act as a strong, independent champion to tackle discrimination and promote equality.
        Strengthened the law to improve protection against disability discrimination in employment, and to improve access for disabled people to goods, services, facilities and premises.
        Widened and strengthened the Race Relations Act to include a positive duty on public bodies to promote good race relations and legislated for aggravated sentences for racially motivated crimes.
        Through the introduction of civil partnerships, Labour has for the first time given legal recognition to same-sex partners. Gay couples now have the same inheritance, pension and next-of-kin rights as married couples.

      • The gender pay gap would have been adressed by any futur government; may it be The Conservatives or New Labour. The EHRC has been made in the image of New Labour. It is one of their Quango’s and an organisation that is completely useless in dealing with racial matters. New Labour did not need to scrape the CRE. Racism in the United Kingdom has risen since New Labour came into power. Ken Livingstone aired his views about the scrapping of the CRE for the formation of this quango (EHRC) in which he stated: “racism was still real and the EHRC offered minorities a poorer deal.” He was right on both accounts. The EHRC have been found out for paying some of their white members of staff more than those of minority ethnic group. This is a disgrace. Most of what you quoted might look good in print, but, in reality is not practised. The gays might have had a much better deal. This is not surprising as there were three gay ministers in Tony Blairs first cabinent to no black member.

      • Did you watch this evenings dispatches on channel 4? It highlighted some of the corruption in this Labour government.

  3. I would like ban the Libs Labs Tories teaching my children

    Liar Cheats and Embezzlers should be taken to court and prosecuted not in our schools

    Cameron took drugs at university perhaps it hasn’t wore off yet and still in his blood

    Britain is in a Moral and financial catastrophe and Cameron and his mob are just as bad as this traitorous Labour Party

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