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If you can’t join them…

Nick Griffin want whites to be 'founder members' while others have lesser status

Accusations that the British National Party want to prevent black and Asian people from joining the party by subjecting applicants to a two-hour “interview” in their home is only half the story.

The Guardian reported this claim, along with the suggestion that the BNP had developed a “waiting list” for BME would-be members.

But another aspect to the case is the suggestion that Nick Griffin’s party are adopting a “two tier” membership system giving whites “founder member” status, while Black people will have a lesser status.

Newer members, including all ethnic minorities, would not enjoy full membership until at least two years of party activity.

The two-tier membership is certain to provoke accusations that the BNP intend to treat black and Asian members as second-class citizens.

The BNP’s constitution is currently being looked at by a London county court. The equalities watchdog, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), who took the BNP to court, believe that the revised constitution still discriminates indirectly against BME people.

We reported in January that the BNP’s amended constitution – changing the words “indigenous Caucasian” to “indigenous British” – was unlikely to have gone  far enough to satisfy the EHRC or the courts.

BNP deputy leader Simon Darby was quoted as saying that their revised document would “make very clear to ethnic minority people that there are still far too many ethnic minority people in this country.”

This week, the EHRC argued in court that the BNP’s new constitution remains prejudicial because it requires members to agree to clauses including that they are “implacably opposed to the promotion, by any means, of the integration or assimilation” of the UK’s indigenous white population. The court is due to rule on the matter tomorrow.

The Guardian published excerpts of a private letter sent by the party to its membership, saying: “We don’t expect any more than a handful of people of ethnic minority origin to apply to join the party nationally, and we will not let this deflect us from our political objectives of saving Britain and restoring the primacy of the indigenous British people.”

By Lester Holloway


4 Responses

  1. I am sorry but why is OBV reporting on this as though the idea that Black people are being prevented from joining the BNP is some sort of gross inequality- it is not! Representation does not mean equality and I for one am rather glad that the BNP remain explicit about their desire to not let black people have equal rights in their party as it reaffirms the real perception that the BNP have of black members.

    I really fail to understand the position that the OBV blog is taking on this situation.

  2. Irrespective or representation or equality I am having more trouble understanding that many people have invested time and money with this issue.

    The EHRC have shown how out of touch they are by pursuing this case. Whilst organisations assisting members of the public with their cases, or trying to bring about other positive changes struggle for support; EHRC frankly p*ss money up the wall enabling people to have ‘the right’ to join a party hell bent on traducing and defaming them.

    I think the term ‘PC gone mad’ is usually employed in a childish way, but on this occasion I actually think the term has some factual basis. *fume*

  3. Well, far be it for me to disagree, but I think its important that the EHRC pursue their current interest into the BNP’s party rules.

    Sure, the BNP are repulsive. Sure, they are fascists. Sure, they should know, that in the words of Steel Pulse…

    Rock against Racism, smash it
    Rock against Fascism, smash it
    Rock against Nazism, me say smash it I’ve
    I’ve come to the conclusion that
    We’re gonna hunt yeh yeh yeh
    The National Front – Yes we are,
    We’re sonna kunt, yeh yeh yeh
    The National Front
    Cause they believe in apartheid
    For that we gonna whop their hides
    For all my people they cheated and lied
    I won’t rest till I’m satisfied

    Personally, I’m happy that all avenues are being used to harass, divide, irritate and annoy the fascist BNP.

    Steel Pulse – we salute you. Indeed – we love you.

    Cllr Imran Khan (Reigate and Banstead Borough Council)

  4. Meanwhile people who experienced actual discrimination suffer due to a lack of funds / support.

    ‘Sorry we can’t help with your case we’re to busy ensuring you have the right to join a party you’d never dream of joining in a million years’.

    I’m personally not to happy with that.

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